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Friday, May 13, 2016

Order of the Bands

The draw for the positions in the parade was held tonight.  Here is the order:

1. Toronto Revellers

2. Louis Saldenah

3. Carnival Nationz

4. Tribal Carnival

5. Fantazia International

6. Durham Mas

7. D'Regulars

8. Concept Creators

9. IslandVybz  

10. Sunlime

11. Atlantic Mas

12. Carnival Redemption

I see they've gone back to the small bands after the big bands.
What do you think about that? 


Soca Princess said...

The crowd needs to respect this event as a real parade then the order won't matter. Until then it will never be fair.

mr-wonderful said...

Please take a hint from the GAY Parade and keep this thing moving we are not in the island anymore it must be done differently here and also enjoyable for everyone masqueraders and visitors alike

We are approaching 50yrs in 2017 and we still can't get this thing right ... Come on now my people,come on !!!

Unknown said...

I agree with Soca princess. The public needs to be educated and what this means for us as a people. It is not a street party it's is a parade. You spectate or register with a band and participate. Since we do not live In a perfect world I think it's important certain bands (saldenah I'm talking to you) work hard on moving down the road and not clogging the route for the bands behind. In 2014 I think the order was very similar with saldenah going second or 3rd and they caused issues for all the bands behind them.

Karabana said...

You are all very right, it's a complete shame that this isn't treated like the parade that it should be. Order shouldn't matter, but experienced masqueraders know what happens in the afternoon, and they don't want to go through that utter BS.
I still think intermixing the small & big bands is the most fair practice.

mr-wonderful said...

@Kara Bana ... I concur ... We seem to be going through the same thing every 11months with no end in sight ... Very frustrating to say the least... Hope we can get by this year clean and safe ... Hv a bless weekend all

Jackie Forde said...

Interleaving the bands allows for a better flow as the larger bands take so much longer to cross the judging point(s); having the smaller bands between reduces the gaps so many experience. I am curious to the logic of this, but I think I know that logic was not involved and heavy-handed bullying by CNz and Sally is probably the case.

Fo years, I have been saying this as well as moving Pan to Sunday and having a nice jump up with that.

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