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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Venom Carnival band launch - Inked

Venom put on a launch which was certainly on par with Toronto's 3 big bands. Chandni Grand was packed, the parking lot was full, with cars spilling onto the street. They brought in some international designers who know their stuff. In their sophomore year, it's clear Venom came to win!  
There are several new elements to the costumes, differently designed bras, waistbands and well done headpieces. Bands best take note, Venom Carnival is serious competition! 
I applaud the models who knew how to pose and took their time at center stage. It's very appreciated at launches. 

 I really like how this headpiece is designed, it's a style I'd love to wear. 

THIS suit!! 🤩 Especially the bra.  


This is a great example of adding something different to a costume, these "chaps" styled waistband. 👍🏼


My favourite section.That denim material, love the bra style (below) and those bottoms. Fantastic work Suga Cayne Designs! 

My other favourite. (I can't choose just one, and no one can make me!) I love burgundy with pewter, and that's my kind of bra I'd really like to wear on the road! The design in the material in the high waisted bottoms is pretty. 



Another fun unique costume overall. Great colour changing sequins fabric.

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