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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Province to help spread the Caribana Word

Hi Everyone,

I know I promised to blog more often, but really, apart from band launch announcements... (and the spring fetes), I don't see much going on yet.
I'm not saying that I won't post any launch info, its just that I don't really want to post stuff that is easily accessible elsewhere. Caribana virgin has a nice post on Launches


Anyways, I was reading the 24 hours newspaper and I came across an article saying that Mr McGuinty and his liberal government has announced $300,000 to market and promote Caribana outside of the province.( with focus on our American friends). This money comes from a $10 million "celebrate Ontario" fund, which assists in promoting events in the province. There weren't any details on how they are going to spend this money, but I'm sure it can only help to raise the profile of the festival.

The article also mentioned that the Toronto Sun newspaper has joined the list of major sponsors for Caribana. For years, it was a widely held belief among many of the West Indians in Toronto, that the editorial slant of the Sun was at odds with our best interest. I try to be optimistic, so I hope that this is a sign of ongoing reconciliation and good relations.


Above is a globe and mail article about the funding and it also mentions plans to try and link Caribana with other festivals to help marketing efforts.

Its really is a good article and it makes me really excited. I think that under the new management committee, the festival gained a "higher level of organization and professionalism" which has attracted more private and public sponsorships than ever before.

Everything isn't perfect yet, prize money........ But you still have to give praise where praise is due.

This can only be good for the future evolution of Caribana

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