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Saturday, June 07, 2008

!!Deep Rising!!

Dexter Seusahai came out strong again this year with Deep Rising, Tribal Knights presentation. Tribal Knights secured an enviable #2 position in the parade, and with Blaxx from Roy Cape providing music on de road, this band is going to have a fantastic year.

I really liked this in the launch photos, but it looks even nicer seeing it up close. I haven't seen a Caribana (or Carnival) bra like this before with individual flowers, it's so different! This is the type of out-of-the-box design that Caribana needs to see more of!

(click to zoom in & enlarge photos)

The purple green combination works so well with this one. The whole costume is vibrant & has fun touches that make it stand out. This is an example of what I mean by quality.

So well made with beautifully matching jewelery.

Costume Prices are still $140 ($220+ Frontline) and kiddies costumes are free with registration of adult costume. So when you're frustrated that the section you wanted in other over hyped bands has sold out, don't worry, Tribal Knights has pretty, great quality costumes. www.TribalKnights.com


CaribanaVirgin said...

Tribal Knights came really well with the costumes this year. They look really well. They represent the theme. If i were gonna play with them, I would play the purple and green! I think its soooo interesting! The colour combination is nice, and its different

Karabana said...

It's too pretty huh? Between that & the light green, it would be a hard decision.

buublenut said...

The light green has a lot of detail - glad to see they are still offering the costume at the same price as the others cause I can ony imagine all the work going into that.

Anonymous said...

would love to know where you guys are playin this year?? would be fun to see y'all on de road!!

SinlessTouch said...

whoa, those are some stylish and sexy costumes you have there. Very Nice. where are you guys playing this year?

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