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Monday, August 04, 2008


The madness that was Caribana 2008 ...
We got a later start than planned due to someone drinking too much whiskey at J'Ouvert, but no prob, we got our $3 parking spot and met the band at 12. Unfortunately, I was handed the last (veggie! ugh) lunch. With proper planning, that should not be possible, since each masquerader is given a lunch ticket, and if the correct amount of lunch is purchased (=all the people in the band), + you buy extra, (you should always buy extra) they shouldn't run out of lunches. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Trini-in-Toronto said this is the 4th year in a row he hasn't gotten lunch, so he is beyond being vexed, he thinks it's some Caribana hex.


I loved the look of my entire costume from the killer headpiece that bounced back after the rain storm, to my well matched boots. I had many close calls with my super cute dangling skulls getting snagged on my fishnets, but fortunately, no rips at all. The bikini top however was at least two sizes too big. This was also the case for HQ (Haitian Queen, who is truly the Carnival Queen!), so she didn't wear hers. There wasn't anything I could do to fix that aside from getting a quickie boob job, which I opted not to do. Since it's not an actual bra, the strings really dug into my shoulders badly (I still feel the pain.)
After the pounding rain!

I didn't expect rain, so I was quite surprised when it beat down on us, & not a light shower either, a heavy storm! Before we crossed the stage, too! It turned out to be quite comical, the ladies who were trying to take cover under the Queen, or use their pirate flag as an umbrella. We noticed the Shipwreck headpieces looked like electrified chickens, so I assumed ours would end up like dirty drowned divas. The feathers dried quite well though, & my spectacular headpiece is ready for another go in Hamilton.



Trini-in-Toronto also chose this section because he liked the costume (the only men's one shown on the website). When I picked it up I immediately noticed all the great detail and was impressed, since that's not the norm for men's costumes. His pirate hat was very well made, but unfortunately, the material used to make it was very hot to play mas in. He wasn't even going to wear it, but I persuaded him to at least until we crossed the stage since it looked good. Turns out because of the rain, it came in handy, but when the sun beat down on us later, the hat had to come off.


A lot less feathers on the Caw Caw bra

Chris & Mrs. Prada

Mozez & Rejean

Anton Bootsman
the purse is great!


Orange barricaded view of Toronto Revellers - Band of the Year

Until next Saturday, when I'll take my las lap!


buublenut said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the costume!!!

So you get veggi and Trini-in-TO get nothing??!?!? See wha happen when you drink too much and sleep in lol

Karabana said...

Whatever the veggie was it was tasteless, I could only manage a few bites. & who wants to eat a salad before they jump up?
Very disappointing lunch.
Shoulda been pelau, also for vegetarians, minus the chicken.

buublenut said...

I've become an expert of idle cooking - won't be surprised if I turn veggie soon :-0

Karabana said...

LOL, idle cooking!
I wondered how long it'd take b4 you were veggie. :-)
After marriage, for sure

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Wow I am liking that the costumes came with standards.. you don't see those in Trini anymore!! Quite effective as I saw a photo of your section crossing the stage all waving their pirate flags!

Karabana said...

I like holding onto a standard like that, a flag, so when they yell "wave your standards in the air", you actually have something to wave! lol! & the pirate flag was too cool, I kept it. :-O

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