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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"Mexico 1519 to 1521" (1964)

Louis Saldenah proudly announced Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club is #2 in the Caribana 2009 parade. I can imagine how pleased they are to be back (from #8 in '08) at their usual spot in the front. Being one of the first 3-5 bands out of the CNE is extremely important to having a decent time on the road.

Their presentation for Caribana 2K9 is A Tribute to Harold Saldenah. Harold “SALLY” Saldenah was Louis legendary father who won (Trinidad) Band of the Year 6 times in the 1950's and 60's. Check out his interesting history on National Carnival Bands Association of Trinidad & Tobago. Based on his presentations featuring among other things vikings, sailors, warriors, or native indians, I can't wait to see what is produced in tribute to him for this year!


Trini-in-Toronto said...

This is the second band I hear talking about their position in the parade. Its good, because often people wait to hear band positions before they commit to buying a costume. If anybody has a complete list of band positions we'd love to see it.

Anonymous said...

Trini-in-Toronto, which other band is talking about their position? I agree it is a great piece of info to have. If I can see some costumes so I can do some early accessory shopping that would be even better!

Trini-in-Toronto said...

When De Cocoa Panyol made the post about the Carnival Nationz announcement of their 2009 theme, she mentioned that they were number 5 spot in the parade. I assume it was mentioned at the announcemnet party. I have never heard bandleaders speaking openly about positions so far in advance.

Karabana said...

Anonymous, I too would love if bands gave us a sneak peek of their costumes, so I could secure my footwear in advance. Because right now in Toronto is when we have a great selection of boots of course, not in July! That's always been an issue, trying to find boots in July!

The parade positions have been given out, & apparently they know this almost a year in advance. It's up to the bands to announce them.

We also see that the bands know their presentation (theme) well in advance, like the day after every Caribana there's always been talk, so, it's up to them to announce it.

JULiE-MARiE said...

Me,my sister, my cousin and a few others are planning on driving down for Caribana for the first time. So then we say "why stop there!? Let's play mas!" We've never even been to canada...idk where to start, who to pick...where to goo..We aree soo lost.Lol

Karabana said...

Don't worry, you're planning ahead, which is ideal. :-) Book a room/hotel first - after June, the pickings are slim. Once the bands open registration, don't wait on registering, esp. if you go with one of the more popular bands whose costumes sell out quickly.

There's many fetes & other Caribana related events which we'll post about.
Toronto has lots of other attractions, & if you have specific interests, & certain cuisine you prefer, I can let you know what's recommended.

Anonymous said...

http://www.toronto-lime.com/carnival/toronto_mascamps.htm has the order posted :)


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