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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lingerie or mas?

A band launch in November? Hah, no, I just had to come out of hiatus to post about the 2010 Victoria Secret's Fashion Show. Every year the wings get BIGGER & bolder. But the designers have been adding so much more to some of the bras & panties, that they really look like carnival costumes! Didn't the fashion show look like a band launch to you?

Tell me this doesn't look like mas!?!

Finally someone put these two things together: skulls & roses!!

This is a favourite because of the peacock feathers in the wings, which I just love.

Massive peacock wings, golden wiry "backpack," tail feathers =Individual!!

Make room!!

So angelic huh? I like the headpiece, er, the jeweled crown

I'd add jewels to the boy shorts and a rhinestone headband

Of course, bubble wings!

Reminds me of the Spartacus slaves. Love it!

Serious hardware on those wings

Pompoms, cute. Butterfly pride

This one for the boots. STOMP!!!

I know what's missing from making these mas are waistbands (& headpieces). But that's easily fixed. It's a long, cold fall & winter with nothing to hold us over until the launches start here in May. So I enjoy this annual extravaganza, and some of these creations go on my Caribana costume wish list. Hey, we can always hope!
I think Victoria Secret's should come out with a band...


Trudy said...

I really like the spiked wings!

Anonymous said...

What I wouldn't do to get a hold of those peacock wings, omg!

And I think the Toronto Revellers made an announcement as to their theme for next year, I hear they are doing, "The Wizard of Oz". Kinda excited to see what they make out of it.

Karabana said...

They are outstanding!
Yes, most bands announced their themes: Saldenah, The Secrets Of The Outer Limits; TruDYNASTY, Remember The Roaring Twenties; Callaloo, Native Indians; Tribal Knights, LEGENDS; Mas Players, Fairytale Fantasy; Fantazia, Come Dance with Me; & Black Sage, From Rags to Riches.

Anonymous said...

Any news from Nations yet?

I'm really excited for the themes this year so far.

Fairies, would be soo cool if they made real fairy costumes lol.

Karabana said...

You just may get your fairy costume w CNz...

mass#1fan said...

Oh these are HOT...I would esily play mass in any of these..lol

I agree with Anon..I love the themes this year... CNZ's theme is "Mystical Creatures"..oh my oh my..I cant wait to see what they look like. I am definately feeling you on the Fairy...if they do it well..it will sell off :)

Their band launch is May 7,2011..so lets see what they do with the theme..It has to be all about presentation..When i was thinking of it I thought of things like fairies..leprachans..dragons...unicorns.. there is just so much they can do with this. Lets just hope they do it GREAT.. I am very excited.

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