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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Black Sage 2012 launch

Black Sage's Amazon is certainly beautiful, with a colourful spectrum of jungle creatures coming to life on stage for us.


 Some design elements I like are the feathered bras, and how the yellow & blue parrots look so wow, just lovely!! All the macaws are vibrant & fun, and look very well made.
I don't usually give (solid) white costumes a second glance, but this one is not the norm, the white is so crisp and the orange & green really make it stand out & shine.

I must say,  there were some photogs there that were, I'm just going to say, bossy. Never experienced anything quite like that in all these years of attending launches.
Black Sage, you put on a nice launch, and Barney's was a great spot for it, too. People seemed relaxed drinking & eating in the bar area, shooting pool, and the separate room with the stage didn't have a frenzied vibe, it was just chill, a refreshing experience for sure. 
They are yet to update their website:  http://www.blacksagecarnival.com/home.html 
But check out their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/BlackSageCarnival


Anonymous said...

Good looking models, and the male costumes seem to be on par with the female. Good job!
I'm going to have to watch this mas camp this year.

Anonymous said...

I thought the band launch was good. I started a lil late. But it was good. Costumes were very well put together n well done. They had something for everyone. The cage bra was lovely (even if u could see her nipples.) But she worked the costume well.

Anonymous said...

pasties were on ration....its war time between all the mas camps

Anonymous said...

I'll have a box of pasties under the bridge by the giant golf ball. $25 for a pair.
The password is: pea hen

Karabana said...

$25! :-O That's steep! I can get them cheaper...

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