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Monday, May 20, 2013

Caribana cutie or Caribana catastrophe?

You know how there are certain fashion faux pas, things to avoid? Socks & sandals, shoulder pads, mesh tops, visible panty lines. Think of your costume as fashion, and wear it well. I know what happens in the mind of a woman. Many see the tall thin young models wearing the wire bra and thong, and they love THAT costume. Nothing wrong with loving that costume, there are many of those types to love, but ask yourself, do I love it for me? Some ladies put unrealistic pressure on themselves to get fit in 3 months so they can try to wear that tiny costume. (I’m not talking about toning and firming, which I’m a big advocate of, I’m talking attempting serious weight loss in a short period of time.) Why do that to yourself when there are other options? 
I like it when I see masqueraders who don’t try to fit themselves into a costume. Instead, they find the right fit for them. Accepting your body type and choosing a costume accordingly is the first thing to consider before you register. For example, voluptuous ladies should embrace the monokini and/or corset, not a tiny wire bra. Unless it’s custom made specifically for you, not all cage bras look flattering. If you end up trying to shove yourself into whatever was premade and you’re popping out all over, it’s not a good look.  Think of it this way, would you shove a big bird into a small cage?  

What a major fashion eye sore, not to mention, your bazooms must be sore!
Be realistic also about your bamsee. Designers offer us choices in bottoms too, we need not all wear a thong! Select something flattering whether it’s reg bikini bottoms or boy shorts. A lot of masqueraders buy their own properly fitting bottoms when the factory made or hand sewn ones they were given were unflattering.
What I’d like to see an end of this year is the 2 bra babes. You know, when the bra you ordered doesn’t fit well, so you wear your own bra underneath it. I’m sorry, but that is very distracting and just takes away from the costume. 
I lay the blame on the designers. More should be choosing real bras. Instead of these cheap string bikini tops with no support. If you’re larger this type isn’t going to fit right. I’ve said it for years, playing in a real bra is a must for me. The times I didn’t, it was not a good look.
All of this first applies to designers of course. They must keep the entire costume impact in mind, and strive for perfection. Think wow factor. Often I’ll see a sensational costume, but the headpiece is mediocre. Captivate us with electrifying elements, down to the last detail. That includes the back of the costume and headpiece, which should be decorated too. 
Now that the bands have launched, this is the time changes are being made. Costumes that aren't getting enough attention are being revamped to give them more appeal. So it's not too late designers to liven up that lackluster costume

Can we all agree to ban control top pantyhose on parade day please? There is simply no excuse for that mess. Don’t make me slap a catastrophe sticker on you! Mas tights have come a long way, it’s easier to get them now, and they don’t cost a small fortune. 
Nude fishnets, a mere $2.50 at Stitches 
All those dangly bits hanging off your waistband? That’s what snags tights, causes unruly runs. This is another fault of designers. I’m gonna say I don’t think most designers care about your runs, they just want their costume to look fabulous at the launch, in photos for their site, and hopefully crossing the stage. So it’s up to you to keep that in mind, if you are the type to really brukk out, & mix in with the inconsiderate stormers, chances are your tights will come out tattered. But you can remain run free if you keep your distance from everyone else – but then, of course, what’s the fun in that, right?   

Don’t think of footwear as an afterthought. Plan what you will want to wear, keeping in mind the average day is 8 hours. It’s a long walk to the parade start, &/or back to your car. Forget weaves (I don’t wanna know), sunglasses, travel mugs, & cell phones - you know how many broken heeled boots I’ve see left on the curb after the parade? I hate to think what that walk back to the car was like! Last year flats were the thing, very cute, matching so well with the colourful costumes. Even saw a lot of sandals, which are very impractical IMO, being so easy to break and offering zero support. So while you look super cute in photos and at the start of the day, how’d you feel at 5:00? Boots aren’t for everyone, but what I think will be the next big thing are high top wedge sneakers.   
 Fashionable, functional, & recyclable. 
    Photo: fashionbased.com

Caribana cuties know their entire costume from head to toe must be on point, and they never settle for a terrific top half, but their bottom half is just not cutting it. Don’t commit a Caribana catastrophe - choose the best costume for you, plan in advance, and you’re bound to be a Caribana cutie.          


Lisa said...

Amen! Loving this post. Can we also add in the women who put on a costume and don't have a stitch of makeup on their face or a piece of glitter on their body?! Drives me nuts! It's like making a birthday cake without the icing. Ladies, please represent in full on Caribana day. You pay good money for you costume, work it!

Crying Wolf said...

I agree, that was a very good read. And like you Kara I prefer real bras too and I buy custom made shorts since I'm a short person anyway most panties can reach my belly button in the end making me look bigger than I already am, same with boy shorts, no winning for me lol. As for make up I'm almost always borderline drag, I love theatrical dramatic eyes. One thing I am getting better with are shoes since at first I thought noone cared but I saw how it looked in my pics and decided to try and match my shoes now lol.

Kryssy said...

Loved this post! My current dilemma is trying to decide if to wear boots at the parade this year. I've looked at girls in the past and wondered why they were wearing boots because its honestly HOT but for some reason they've grown on me this year. In years past I've gotten canvas shoes & painted them to match my costume but 2 years in a row my feet have suffered after the parade. So that's another reason why I'm hoping to get some comfortable flat boots. What do you guys think? Yay or nay to the boots?
I'm also curious to know how y'all feel about the new parade route.

Crying Wolf said...

Well, I'm doing flat boots this year too. I tried heels and will never do it again lol. I don't really care for the new parade route, I just hope it's wider...

Kara Cee said...

Hi Kara! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a costume for Caribana. This will be my first year attending. I love this post! I was looking at photos of costumes from previous years and I agree with your comments. My question: for someone who is a Caibana neophyte, where can i find a frontline costume? I have looked online and so far no luck. (By the way, my name is Kara too. Lol)

Kara Cee said...

Hi Kara. I love this post! I will use it as a guide when putting together my costume. This will be my first year going to Caribana. I am very excited. I would like to buy a front line type of costume (feathers and all)... Only problem is, I have no idea where to find one! I am willing to buy one previously owned or new but searching online have had no luck. I am in the Washington DC area so I would have to order online.

Kara Bana said...

Hi Kara Cee, welcome and thanks! Almost all the bands that launched have frontline costumes. Just check out all the posts for pictures to see what they look like. The links to their sites to register online are on the right of the blog.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Hi Kara Cee,
The way Caribana works is, there are a number of "masquerade bands" These people form a group, they come up with a theme, design a bunch of costumes loosely related to that theme and offer them for sale to the public. On the day of the parade, they rent a bunch of flat bed trucks with music, provide lunch, mobile bathrooms,security and support to their customers. They are financed through the sale of their costumes every year. Hence its not cool to purchase a used costume or show up with your own costume to join the parade. There are links to every bands website on the right hand side of the blog. If you visit their sites they will show you the costumes they are offering for sale this year. You can make your purchase online for some bands and pickup when you arrive. As a side note Kara and I have also visited Washington for their carnival. Caribana is a lot bigger.

Kryssy said...

I hear you. It's the time spent waiting to cross judging that I hate. The band moves at a snail's pace & it's so hot & miserable. But once we reach judging its fun fun fun. I'm excited all over again!!

Crying Wolf said...

Oh lawd, tell me about it. Also, how about when you finally make it across the stage and then wind up like a bunch of sardines in a can trying to actually get to the road? That's pretty frustrating too, imagine wearing a costume that is wide? You could poke people's eyes out lol.

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