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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Toronto Revellers Warriors band launch 2014

Toronto Revellers held their Warriors band launch again at the Armenian Community Centre. The crowd was treated to a talented group of drummers and costumed warriors fighting.  The costumed models hit the stage at 11:30. Kudos to Revellers for that start time!! I saw quite a few people arriving after midnight only to find out that they missed the presentation.  

 Ghazi Warrior

Asian Dynasty

Jamaal always puts on a great show, and this time was no exception. The stage was set with fire lighting and warrior images showing across the screen. I thought the elevated stairs on the stage was a good idea. Most models were rather fast walking the stage though, and many didn't stop and pose at centre stage. Not all sections came to the front of the stage for the finale either, but remained behind.

Native Warrior

Zulu Warrior

Cosmic Warrior

The theme of Warriors was very well represented. A lot of creativity went into the details, and while sure, there were feathers, especially in some frontlines, we didn't see the usual inundation of jewels & feathers in every single section. Some may think the materials used in the above purple and below blue sections appear to be from back in the day, but really, they best said Warrior to me. The use of full (unfeathered) leg pieces, spiky headpieces, and armored shoulder pads was designing for the theme, something that was refreshing to see. I don't see it as risky because Revellers prides itself on designing costumes that portray a theme, and good for them I say. Plus there are still many pretty feminine feathered sections. Whether you want to play sexy, cute, or wickedly warrior like, you've got your choices.
Ice Warrior


The guys costumes are particularly well done, most with innovative headgear, armor and weapons. And it's high time to see proper costumes designed for male masqueraders. Maybe more men will play mas if these are the kinds of costume choices they have.

Soul of Africa

Wrath of the Barbarians
Fight of the Eagle

 Carnival Warrior
  Plan of Attack




Kryssy said...

Happy Sunday Kara & Trini.
So the positives:
Agreed-the start time was the best thus far this band launch season. AND I REALLY liked Revellers stage layout.

As far as the costumes: Ice Warrior (blue & silver), I found to be interesting. I've never seen headpieces like those and they're like looking at art; which I can appreciate. Like the leg-wear of Cosmic Warrior.
I think War Hawk & Soul of Africa will appeal to the masses.

Out of all of the band launches I think TR represented their theme in the most obvious way. The men that play mas cannot complain about "basic costumes" with this band. My feel is that this presentation is for the men. Even most of the female costumes have masculine undertones (and makeup). With a theme of Warriors, it makes sense I guess? My eyes were drawn more to the men than the women in about 5 sections.
-side note: YES to the male models! Yes, yes, and yes- LOL!!!
I think for me, most of the female costumes are different than the norm (which is great to see) but maybe lacking in sex appeal? I can't quite put my finger on what's missing....

Lisa said...

I wasn't at the band launch, I'm just looking at the pictures, but Krissy is right. These costumes do cater more to the men than the women, and maybe it's about time? My cousin, who is male, is actually jumping ship from the band that he normally plays in, so he can play with Revellers, and it's because of the male costumes. He's one of those men who wants a substantial costume for his money, not just a board shorts and a headband. And the men are definitely getting their money's worth with this band. Kudos!
I'm not too impressed with the women's costumes, though. They most definitely stuck to theme, and the band is cohesive...just not sure that they brought the "pretty" as much as they could have, even with a theme called Warriors. You can have a Warriors theme and still have pretty female costumes.

Simonne Samuel said...

Im so grateful for these gorgeous pics cus I missed this one. "Pretty" is definitely overrated and I'm happy to see the Revellers focus on their theme vs. Bling and feathers. I really like the choice of fabric and the unusual head pieces.

Daniel Stern said...

= Most models were way too fast walking the stage , and many didn't stop and pose at centre stage. I question the body types of some of the models, alot of the women were quick thick, if you look at the models faces, I saw VERY few smiles. The base of the music really hurt my ears and tummy.I wonder why they wanted to do the show if they didnt seem to enjoy it.

Nascar Thomas said...

I was at the band launching and to tell u the truth, I was truly disappointed with the women's section. The men section was the best as it represented the theme. It wasn't jus simple shorts and headpiece..The men's costume actually had detail. I play with TR every year but because the costume looked cheap and looked like it was made last minute..I will not waste my money on those costume nor am I playing with TR this year. The best costume in my opinion is pink, white and black and the purple. I'm quite surprised Jamal did not have a section for the older generation like he usual does. Women's section needs to be revamped. I even noticed the crowd was not wowing,nor did they clap or jump up and say I'm playing that section.. Trust...Jamal will see the results when he sees how much people will sign up at registration..

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Daniel, I was thinking the lack of smiles in some sections was the models trying to protect a warrior image... Kinda like bad man don't smile too much :)
I could see how you might want to look fierce if you are "playing" a warrior mas.

Kara Bana said...

Thanks again Kryssy for your review, it's appreciated! Glad you like the pictures Simonne Samuel. :)

At this launch, like most other launches, there were very thin, very fit, or very voluptuous models. I didn't find body size had anything to do with their lack of smiles Daniel Stern. In this case, I didn't think it was necessary to be smiling big throughout the stage walk, they are representing warriors, after all. A fierce expression was appropriate.
Mind you, some still smiled, nothing wrong with that either - just as there were still feathered costumes. TO Rev still designed pretty mas - the majority of the costumes were feminine, in particular Carnival Warrior, Plan of Attack, Vikings and Wrath of the Barbarians.

I think people are really focusing on the 3 sections that are very clearly warrior like, and not paying close attention to the 10 that feature typical carnival feathers, beads and girly colours.

PS: Were the speakers beneath the stage?, bc I agree that the bass vibrated waaaaaay too much, I had to step back, certainly couldn't touch the stage.

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