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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 order of the bands for the Toronto Carnival (Caribana) parade

Following are the positions in which bands will be parading for the Toronto Caribbean Carnival.
1.Toronto Revellers
2. Fantazia International
3. Mas-K Club
4. Carnival Nationz
5. Tribal Carnival
6. Connections Mastumes Band
7. Concept Costumes Creators
8. Carnival Revolution
9. D Regulars


Cathy said...

Will there be a Blue Devil Mas band this year?

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Hi Cathy,
We went away for a few days hence the late response. Blue Devils isn't an official band, they usually collaborate with one the other bands and bring out a section (its hard to coral these "imps" so you often can find them roaming around making mischief). I just heard from Ricardo that they will be re-launching their website this week. So yes, they will be on the road and we are happy to hear it. We believe it is important to keep this tradition alive here in Toronto. This is their site and once I get more info we will do a post www.BlueDevilMas.com

Nadine Hanna said...

Im new to this and was wondering how can we get into the parade without being part of a band?

Thank you

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Nadine, If you are interested in participating in the parade by getting a costume and being in the parade, many of the bands still have costumes available for sale. The list of masquerade bands are on in the left margin. Click on their names and you will link to their website.

Kara Bana said...

Nadine Hanna, the only way to legitimately be in the parade is to be in a band. It's all about


Read more here:


We don't support storming (read: when people crash the parade without being in a band.)

Toronto Revellers is advertising costumes still for sale, check them out on facebook.



Tiff said...

Nadine, If you're talking about watching from the stands, you can absolutely do that. I believe you can purchase tickets online on the Toronto Carnival website. Usually costs $20. Some Caribbean restaurants also sell tickets. If that's what you meant. =)

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