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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mas men

Time for another post about something that went right at our parade!
Have others noticed this year the amount of marvelous male masqueraders? 
Now I don't have stats, but I think there was an increase!
 With all the images out there of boys storming & disrespecting our mas, I've got to applaud and show appreciation to the men who play mas - and play it very well!

Send me your pictures of marvelous male masqueraders so I can include them.


To all you men, why do you play mas? Especially since we all know you could just storm, so why buy a costume? Tell us please... we don't hear enough from you.

 To all the men who played mas this year: Thank you for doing your part to keep the culture alive! 

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Trini-in-Toronto said...

I took the ones where Kara is in the shot. Not that i cant appreciate male beauty...... Im just saying.

jjj said...

I would LOVE to see an all male frontline one day....

Trinidad Carnivals said...

I think a lot of men will say that they play mas because of the women. But i know that at least some of it has to be love of the culture also.

The reason I say this is because if you are only looking for bumper to wine on then you would only put on the costume shorts and the wristband to identify you as a masquerader. But so many of the men we see on the road are in "full costume" or at least what we consider full costume for men lol

Great post, I hope there is a Part 2 coming lol

Kara Bana said...

jjj, do you play mas? I think I know why you'd LOVE to see an all male frontline ;-), but do you want to explain further?

Thanks Trinidad Carnivals, I must agree, seeing so many guys not just wearing shorts this year, even at the end of the route, they were still in full costume. :-D

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