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Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015 Toronto Carnival (Caribana) order of the bands

Hi Everyone,

We just reach back from holidays today, and here is the order of bands in the parade

1. Durham Mas
2. D'Regulars
3. Fantazia International
4. Connections
5. Carnival Revolution
6. Tribal Carnival
7. Carnival Nationz
8. Toronto Revellers
9. Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club

It's nice to see that they have allowed the smaller bands go first, lord knows they have enough obstacles in their way. They don't need to be at the back of the parade too.
I see Saldenah is the last band. I don't know if this is luck of the draw, or some compromise with regards to the Machel / TMBA situation.

I'm looking at what seems to be the proposed route, and it looks to me that they just might be able to get the stormer issue under control. It looks like the only time that masqueraders will be on an actual road (inside the EX is not road) is for that strip of Lakeshore Blvd directly in front of the Exhibition. If this entire stretch is barricaded with "Indy fencing" the tall fences with concrete footing, it will be difficult to breach the fences. I don't know if this is the case... for example even EMS can't get past those fences, so, I don't know if that is the plan.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. 

I'm a little concerned about his shorter route. If the FMC is successful in locking out spectators, and more people are persuaded to pay admission into the CNE grounds, I'm afraid we will never see a nice long road route again.
Also, with talk of judging being near the end of the route, when do masqueraders get really jump up and party hard, without the restriction of "get in your section!, get in your section!" steadily being chanted by the mic man?

I'm also hoping their logistics guy is certain about the parade looping onto itself. Last time they tried that in Downsview with Kiddies, it was a log jam. I'm sure somebody told him that story, and they won't repeat this mistake.

I guess we have to be supportive and hope for the best.


Kryssy said...

So when TC posted they were 6th, I said a word that I won't type here. Then I saw the full list and I have never been so glad to be 6th in my LIFE! LOL. I posted online somewhere that I think this new format is theoretically smart but the execution will determine if that's true. I do NOT like the idea of judging being at the end. No, no and no. I'm playing as a "Solo Superstar" this year but my cousins are in another section of my band and I don't want to be forced to stay in my section whole day. And if people don't stay in their sections... When it's time to cross judging, can you imagine the delays while the bands organize themselves? Not to mention, if o hear "Get in Yuh Section" on a mic for any length of time this year, I may scream. LOL. And really... Who wants to cross judging at the end of the day. We'll all be tired, hot, sweaty, and most likely I'll be approaching hangover status by then. LOL! I DO agree with the majority of the parade being in the CNE though. Isn't it a shame that Lakeshore is now a dirty word when referenced with this parade? My family went from camping out with coolers and tents whole day on Lakeshore for YEARS, to doing a parking lot like just off the parade route, to now... I don't even know if my parents are going this year. All because stormers ruining the parade. It's a damn shame.
Did I mention I was glad to be 6th though? LOL.

Kara Bana said...

I hear ya Kryssy, at first I thought Whoa! The big bands are last - but, I get why, they always were first, so now is the chance for the small bands to actually get onto the Lakeshore for however long it will be.
The small bands have been left in the dust for years, so they asked to be first, and they deserve it.
I too don't like the idea of judging last, but I can see why they don't want it first, bc then masqueraders disassemble, (don't stay in their sections) and there will be paying spectators inside the CNE. They want us to keep our proper parade formation for the paying public.
I'm LMfAO over "Get in Yuh Section", bc imagine how much that repetitive irritating chant will be shouted on Aug 1. :/

Number 6, WTG!! :-D LOL ;-)

Jackie Forde said...

As a Mas maker (big mas), being 8th is a blessing for Kings and Queens. As for the Road, I have seen my share of my hard work be destroyed by morons not in costume jumping all over the place thoughtlessly. The ongoing battle between CNZ and Saldenah will NOT hopefully be played out on the road, as we are smack in the middle of them.

For years, I have been suggesting that the large and small bands interleave...putting the small bands in the front will make things move faster, however once they reach the end, they will want to come back up and jump up with the big bands...as you mention, the loop may be an issue.

Overall, it is a 'wait and see' situation. I recall one year Curtis Eustace suggested reversing the route and ending in the CNE with a fete, thereby holding people at that end and reducing the backwash. There are many ideas that might be good, might be questionable, but until they are executed, we will never know.

Based on the new ideas in play, it looks like the FMC has taken a firm hand with the festival as TMBA seems incapable of making any serious decisions.


ladymill said...

How long is Caribana parade route?

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