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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


BaM! DIY costume concept hits Toronto Caribbean Carnival

Build-a-Mas is an alternative carnival experience utilizing DIY costume kits/workshops to allow people to make their own costume & 'play mas' in various Caribbean festivals/parades. This concept turns an otherwise annual carnival costume into a multi-wear garment.

As the number of Caribbean carnivals/festivals held each year continues to increase, as does people's desire to participate in cultural traditions, such as 'playing mas' (wearing a carnival costume and masquerading in a parade). Though, for many first-timers, purchasing a costume with a big mas band can prove to be overwhelming and costly. Build-a-Mas was created with this in mind. BaM's main mission: to educate and encourage more of the general public to become actively involved in the art of playing mas.

BaM is a multi-faceted concept that makes mas accessible and relevant all year round, to people of all ages & ethnicities. The Build-a-Mas community outreach program provides sponsored workshops to youth and community groups allowing participants to enjoy the mas experience at no cost to them. Collaborations with smaller festivals/events introduces a costumed presence to the festivities and workshops/social events aid in showing the community that you really can 'live life like yuh playin' mas!'- Kes & the Band. Seasoned masqueraders can choose to save on costs and play mas on a smaller scale. They can also enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of building their own costume, while customizing it to their taste. Those who are new to the world of mas can gain a better knowledge and appreciation for the effort & skill that goes into creating elaborate costumes.

About Build-a-Mas
Through Build-a-Mas, the Caribbean culture is celebrated no matter what time of year it is. BaM helps people appreciate the art of playing mas by showing them how to make it.


Kerry-Ann Wright, Founder


Phone: 905-999-4258



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