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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Parade pictures - Part II and Mr. Fete

Continuation of the good that was Toronto Carnival 2015, which was the costumes, and my section selection.



I didn't have the expectation that I'd play mas this year. I came to accept that 2014 was likely my last year playing mas in Toronto Carnival.  But Mr. Fete was able to convince me. Um, what have we here? So many rhinestones! And those pretty pastels. When I saw that entire costume at the launch, I was so drawn to it. I told Ronnie it was the sexiest costume he's designed yet. That gorgeous rhinestone waistband, the best designed, glamorous & most tasteful wire bra I've ever seen, a terrific tiara headpiece... it all screamed my name. There was no other costume in any band that even came close, that had the entire look happening for me that way. 
Yes, Remedy is one pretty, pretty did I say pretty?, costume, but... I could only choose one.
I registered with ease in May with Samantha. She was such a pleasure to deal with, and I felt instantly so comfortable. I had a wire bra fitting, and almost went with that option. But I changed my mind when it came time for a second fitting. Everyone at the mas camp was stunned & gave me a hard time about that, lol, so at first I regretted it, but when I tried on my bra, I was very happy and ok with the decision.  


Mr. Fete sparkled and looked impressive on the road with all those wings and feathers, and there were plenty vibes in our section. There were many Mr. Fete's, most of whom had the shared goal to get on! get on! get on!

Once we started along the CNE route, spectators remained on the sidewalks. They were respectful of not coming out onto the road.

Spectators being spectators, some took a wine to the side.

And that's where actual parading stopped, and you know the rest...

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Mickeala Powell said...

This year's carnival was an excellent experience for me! It was my first time and my friends and I found that it was very safe and there were no stormers

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