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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Toronto Revellers band launch 2017 - MUSIC Let the Rhythm Move You

Revellers launched MUSIC Let the Rhythm Move You at a new spot: Parkview Manor, a large space, good lighting and a nice choice.
Revellers, as always, put on a well organized event and started at a reasonable hour. They decided to forgo their usual theatrics and kicked off the show with a couple soca artists instead. We were treated to a performances by Ronnie Macintosh and the Voice. It was a nice kick off.

 As you can see from my opening shots, I had a prime spot staked out at centre stage (from two hours before showtime). Sadly, once the presentation of costumes began, the model coach decided to take up a position right in front of the stage (presumably to direct the models actions). This is dead centre stage in front of the media pit.
 Stage crew usually wear all black, so they blend into the background and are not seen. She got the clothing correct. She wasn't going to reconsider, so a number of us had to re-position. 
 After the initial hiccup, we were treated to some very lovely costumes. Revellers masqueraders have 10 beautiful sections with many different options to choose from to suit all tastes and body types.







 You might notice that there are some costumes I missed. That's because Karabana (my better half and superior photo taker) was off getting pics at the Saldenah launch which also took place tonight.

That post will be up later today. Thanks.

1 comment:

Kara Bana said...

I don't know about all that, but thanks anyway for the compliment Trini-in-Toronto. :)
I hated to miss the Revellers launch. :( Next year, band leaders coordinate better and don't have 2 on the same night, please and thank you.
That FL headpiece in Hotline Bling is killing me! That's my kinda headpiece! & the high waisted be jeweled panty is nice.
Fun use of a meshed hoodie and the monokini in One Love.
I like the mauve fabric used in Hustle.

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