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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Shoes, shades, gems and glitter

Do you have everything you need for Saturday? Where did you find your footwear & accessories? 
As always, I start to browse for appropriate Carnival shoes in the spring, but these stores have plenty of selection still available.   

Ardene has colourful & ready to go sneakers, no decorating required, !

GT Boutique aka Giant Tiger 

Rhinestoned flats and bowed flat sneaks at Sirens 

                                              The cute and the functional bags at Sirens.  

For any Carnival newbies, and even non newbies, watch Caribbean lifestyle host and Carnival veteran Nneka Elliott's video for her preparation tips: 

- Nneka Elliott's Toronto Carnival 101 -

Not sure how she manages to not get snags & runs wearing regular sheer pantyhose on the road, they are so easy to run, after all. I am going to have to find a video showing us how to cut & paste those long Micle's glitter fishnets into low rise. I also need to find a proper backing for any dangly waistband beads, because I don't want a repeat of what happened in 2015. My most beloved waistband ever with those stunning rhinestones also ripped my fishnets and tights to shreds.  
I like Nneka's suggestion to go with fun shades if you're not into having a heavy made up face, gems & glitter. Myself, I do both, I need sunglasses on the road, but I also want some pictures of my Carnival makeup. 
I can get why she, and many of you, don't drink water on the road, for fear of there being no port a potties in sight. Or, even when you find one, the long lineups (yikes!), and then there's the crazy maneuvering inside those hot ass stinky cubicles of germs to remove your costume! But, still, I stay hydrated and when I see water being handed out, I always drink it! 

I hope when you get your costumes this week, you are IN LOVE with them, and are excited for the road!  Look out for me so I can take your pikshure! 

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