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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Toronto Revellers band launch - Extinction

Toronto Revellers Extinction was held at a new venue for a launch, York Mills Gallery. Their one hour presentation, which began after midnight, started and concluded with wonderful dance performances.
Missing from the launch were unfortunately 4 sections that we hear were stuck at customs.





My favourite, as well as the mid line costume.

Cosmic Fusion


I also really liked how this one photographed. The model posed, & therefore displayed it well. 

Enchanted Waters


Pretty mauve and purple combo. I liked all the costumes in this section.



The dim lighting at centre stage produced shadows on the models legs, and group shots were too dark. Lighting is key, something to keep in mind to the remainder of bands launching. 


ReneeB said...

Im Disappointed , After experiencing last years Band launch with those beautiful costumes and a very well planned and executed presentation this presentation however was difficult to swallow as I am a reveller to de bone. On the positive I loved the graphics and the dancers that started and ended the show. The not so good : If the costumes we did get to see are a sign of whats caught up in customs I will most likely be playing with another band if I do play at all. The costumes to me may need to be revamped . The green one looks amature and unfinished, the lavender mermaid's costumes feather work needs to be redone and the back should not be bare like that it made it look incomplete, The orange Abella costume has nice colors and feather work but the mens feather hat needs to go. Last year I played with the band and it was exciting from the start . This not so much . I come every year to see what my favorite local designer has up her sleeves it was very heartbreaking and Shocking when I waited to see what she had in store for us this year but instead witnessed her absence , the vibe and antiscipation or shall we say BANG she would end the show with was deeply missed. This is not the direction I saw the band going in after experiencing last years vibes. I really hope the remaining costumes to be launched on the weekend make me eat my words because this is MY BAND . Jamal is my boy and I want to see him do great things . This will end in a big disappointment if things aren't fixed to correct the look of what was presented.

Shirley Madison said...

I agree however, only to a certain extent. When you say, “the costumes may need to be revamped,” are you speaking about all of the costumes? What about the Wild Fire, Coral, and Glacier costumes? I believe they were executed beautifully. It is unfortunate that the sections are being judged homogenously, however, look at the Revellers track record: they always give an amazing experience on the road. This is not the only band that has ran into issues where customs is concerned, so let’s keep that in mind. Nonetheless, I will be playing with the Revellers this year and I’m eager to attend the grand opening to register as I feel like my favourite section will sell out. Hopefully you change your mind.

Kryssy said...

I've only played with Revellers once; however it was a great experience and I'm always a fan of their costumes. That being said, definitely confused about the two-part launch this year... but I figure I'll mind my business on that. LOL
Judging on what we've seen so far, my faves are the Coral Reign and Cosmic Fusion front lines... the Cosmic Fusion section as a whole is really pretty based on videos I've seen.
I love that strappy two-piece backline costume from the Wildfire section.
Like the combo of the baby blue, silver, and white from the Glacier section... really like the cut of the one-piece on the frontline and love the all white (ultra?) frontline.
I also really like the color combo of the lilac, green and blue of the Enchanted Waters.
Excited to see what else they launch. :)

Ashleigh said...

It seems costumes overall have left a lot to be desired across all Toronto bands, people have been saying. This is my first Caribana as a masquerader, so my expectations are probably a little different. To Renee's point, the colors on Cosmic Fusion are beautiful. I dont't seen that exact rich foresty green, combined with those exact colors. But I agree the costume seems unfinished some how. I love the colors of enchanted waters, but the shell shaped top is cliche and expected. Don't even get me started on Wild Fire. I can't find anything fresh or imaginative here.

That being said, I agree with Shirley, the Glacier section is one of my favorites - diverse body wear, beautiful colors. As for Abella, I think if the only thing we can criticize is the male hat, then I think they've done pretty well. Those are my two favorite sections of any band so far.

@Shirley, which section are you looking at? How soon do things really sell out? I'm having trouble getting my friends to decide as quickly as I think they should.

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