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Monday, July 09, 2007

Callaloo costume sale

- The Caribbean Camera

Callaloo is having a costume sale, selling three sections costumes tomorrow at reduced prices.

League of Corinth, not pictured in the ad.

Crusader of the Crodosion Desert

Gems of India

It's rather surprising these well made pretty sections are not selling as well as the others, I would have thought they would have been among the first to sell-out. To reduce their price is an interesting tactic, I will be curious to hear how their sale goes.



buublenut said...

Hmm thats intresting......I am curoius to see the outcome as well.

How was the block-o????

Karabana said...

The Block-O was hot, literally, nice to meet Ryan & Cindy & see the changes to the costume ;-) There was talk Machel would show up, but he didn't, we left @9:45.
I've had a few days w/o exercise, man, I've done gardening though, that counts a bit right? Gotta get serious...

How was the boat cruise?

buublenut said...

Boat cruise was good - glad the rain stooped :)

Sure gardening counts for a bit of a workout but I think a soca party would do more justice - hint hint ;)

Yep time to really get to work - less then 3 weeks now!!!!!

From what I see I like the changes :)

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