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Monday, May 26, 2008


Ahoy, me hearty!

I'm LOVING this one!!!!!!!!!

Carnival Nationz launched their much awaited '08 theme Pirates. I imagine the pressure was on for CN to make a come back this year, to bring out their Caribana forward designs once again, & recapture Band of the Year. I know from playing mas for 9 years that theme is really an after thought for masqueraders, but certainly not for designers or judges. Perhaps that has started to change though. Maybe masqueraders now want to be able to see the theme in their costume. No doubt that is Trinidad's influence, where top bands tease masqueraders months in advance with rumours of a sensational theme that will provide them with sexy hott costumes. I don't blame people for wanting the theme to be depicted in their expensive costume, after all, you should get what you paid for. Costume prices have increased, but has the quality? Has the service improved? Will the on the road experience be stepped up a notch?
All things to keep in mind as some Caribana bands offer an all inclusive experience along the lines of Carnival.

"Gold Ariel" Really reminding me of Ariel.
I do like the wrap waist band with coins & sunburst bra.

Fierce Pirate look with the red booty cape & boots. Garter belt adds naughtiness to it.

Shiver me timbers!
Was instantly drawn to this one, the colour mix works so well. Never mind that it doesn't especially say "Pirate!" - it's sensational!

Liking this furry bra & waist band, & the headpiece is fantastic. Native Pirate vibe.

Looking very warrior to me from the 3 "spiked" headpiece to the warrior waist band with "curtain" tassels.

This one strewn with gold coins represents the theme well. Puffy purple headpiece is different.

Decisions, decisions...


Tr|n|gYa| said...


buublenut said...

So far I am likig the red one.....I wanted to play in red this year in trini but didn't cause the red costume I liked I wasn't so sure about the head piece and the mas camp wouldn't let me try on the head piece so I went to another band and choose blue.....

So what are the prices like this year (guess I will go check out the websire for CN) and which place are they in the band??

Are you going to visit the mas camp?? If so I am waiting for those pictures to get a better idea of the costumes...

I will definetly be staying tune to your blogg!!!

MInus 3 months!!

Tru said...

the costumes look nice - whats the price point like Kara? I'm contemplating playing - ok my cuz is begging me to come play lol

Tr|n|gYa| said...

I think the prices would be in the area of $150CAN or so...

Karabana said...

Tru, you MUST play, it's the ONLY way to do Caribana properly, once you play mas, you'll never go back to storming again!
$150, yikes, talk about price increase, that's not right. :(
I'm in the excitement stage for sure, but for the fetes, not quite over a costume yet - have to see them in person to feel it fully.

HQ said...

I love Nationz! LOL. Now with that out of the way...
I think I will be playing in the black and pink number...so cute!!! Can't wait for Lakeshore!

Anonymous said...

I love the green section and the black and pink...oh my gosh not sure which one to pick!!!....by the way Kara I believe the green section is supposed to represent the parrot ...every pirate has to have their trusted parrot!!!Haven't played Cariabana in years looking forward to it this year!!( oops got to hit the gym ( damn!!)

Karabana said...

Yeah Anon, once I knew the names, I could see how it's a bird. (but a green Caw Caw?... hmmmmm?)
Yep, back to exercising more for me, too.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Yeah, most of the south american parrots you see in Trinidad are green

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