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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blazin Hott!

It’s coming on (my) fete season, so I want, no, I need to send a plea to all dj’s out there now, if it will do any good.I know at fetes and at Caribana we always hear the usual suspects - Machel, Bunji, Destra, Shurwayne, Maximus, Faye-Ann... & I have nothing against these Soca superstars at all, they have some of the best tunes. But there's other artists who put out some barely heard tunes that deserve some air time. A Caribana/Carnival pet peeve I have is how often we hear the road march and other similar jump up songs over & over & over, when there's so many more firey songs that are waiting to be played.

Please, please, PLEASE Mr. Dj, can you kindly break out of your (limited) play list box & play some other Soca tunes at fetes, not to mention on the road?

Here's my HOTT Soca picks for Caribana2kGreat:

1. Zooky - Lift Your Leg Up

2. Turn it Around – Umi Marcano

3. Admire You – Mr. Slaughter

4. Oh - Trinity

5. Destra Garcia - Wine It

6. Brick & Lace - Love is Wicked

7. Right Dey – KES the Band

8. High - Destra Garcia

9. Wukking Up and Thunder Waist - Patrice Roberts

10. Rollin - Patrice Roberts & Machel Montano

I caaaaaan wait to wine to these, so dj's, don't let me down!


buublenut said...

Trini in TO have you heard the Rum song the indian sing???

fuck whats his name....

"You can bring in in a bottle, you can bring it in a flask.......I want my rum in the morning....."

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Yeah, big up all Himalaya club massive!!!!

The guys name is Hunter and he did a remix with Bunji too.

I could imagine the drunken indian men by the river hugging up each other and singing this song.... That is REAL CHUNE :)

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