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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who you playing with?

With all the big band launches behind us, most everyone should be somewhat decided on who they're playing with. So, let us know, what band & section are you in? As well, you can feel free to comment on how you made your decision to play with a certain band, and why you choose a particular section.


Lexxx said...

I love this topic Kara, but why didn't you start off with your own info? Who are you playing with???

I will be playing with Allspice this year in the Zambesi Treasures section (frontline). I chose this band because I needed something new, competitive and customer-oriented, and that is definitely what Allspice has promised (and so far) delivered. I chose the section because it's f*cking hot and the design and materials used are QUALITY. Whooo! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Playing with Saldenah, Crees of Canada.
Number one reason: Customer service.
I can always count on going to their mas camp and be greeted with a smile and a family atmosphere.

Tru said...

Carnival Nationz - scabiosa! Looking forward to it. Yeah who are you playing w Kara?

Karabana said...

I'll say I'm playing in a colour I haven't played in yet. ;-)
VERY excited about it!!!!!

Lisa said...

Nice to see this blog. I've put you in my Favorites so I can follow you on a regular.

I'm playing with Carnival Nationz. This is my 5th year with them. Been there from the start. My section is Aruja.

Getting excited about Caribana! I've already hit a few boat rides.

Partyanimal said...

I am playing with Carnival nationz, in section Aruja. I chose to play with them again because their bands always hype and it sort of reminds me of the trinidad carnival feeling.

~BLOOMING said...

Carnival Nationz - The Secret Garden

I fell in love with this costume at the band launch & just had to have it. This will be my 3rd year playing mas (all 3 years with Nationz)...I'm always impressed with their creative designs & QUALITY work. CYAH WAITTT!!

Anonymous said...

Carnival nationz, wild roses!

Anonymous said...

Crees of Canada Frontline

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I wanted to play in Crees of Canada FRONTLINE, but when he tell me the price, I had to take a pass. I'm not saying the price was unfair, just that I can't pay more for my costume than Karabana pays for hers

mass#1fan said...

I will be playing with CNZ, been with them since day one and live the commradary of the band on mass day. Section: Boganvillia *Front Line*...The reason.. i love the costumes and the colours..and to top if off...the head piece set on a side sets itself out from all other's in the band as well as other bands.
Kara..good job with the blog and thanks for this post :)

TriniRose said...

REVELLERS..for me. My section is Pink Pleasure.
Also, I must add my daugther(Kiddies) will be playing too, her section is Cinderella and Prince Charming.

I played with Revellers first time last year...so impressed for what they did for us in the mas camp and on the road. So looking foward for that again this year and many more years to come.

Anonymous said...

After much debate, I decided to play with the Tribal Knights, Bird of Paradise, I scored a Golden Pheasant Section Leader costume.

At first I wanted to play with either Toronto Revellers OR Fantasia International. But I didn't like the idea of being last place in the parade, as much as I liked their costumes, and the only costume that blew my mind from the Revellers was the pink one. And I played wearing pink last year from a different band, so I wanted something else.

I really like the purple front line that I saw from the the Tribal Knights. But when I went there to try it on, it didn't do me any justice. Then I tried on the gold one, and it was amazing on me. So I decided to go with that.

Anonymous said...

Totonto Revellers . . Samba Dancer. Cant wait

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