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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Caribana media launch

Sunday night we went to a media launch party for Caribana 2010 . We were there because Caribana has decided to expand the definition of media beyond the normal print, TV, radio and commercial websites to include the likes of social network gurus and bloggers (gurus wasn’t my term).
Before you go thinking that Caribana is complaining over the lack of funding, but they have money to wine and dine facebookers, please know that I paid a cover and there was a cash bar. (Karabana escaped the cover because they let women in free.)
I was reading an article in the Star and Caribana has had anticipated Government funding cut by more than $700K. They have made up most of the shortfall through new corporate sponsors, spending cuts and a 30% cut to staff salaries. They also mentioned that a large chunk of the spending cuts came out of their advertising budgets.
I guess this probably prompted a brainstorming session and somebody figured they should make use of this free advertizing they can get from the non traditional media.
I enjoyed the chance to talk to many of the promotion and marketing staff, as well as a couple senior administrators. It was interesting to hear about the diverse marketing and business backgrounds that the key players possessed, the festival is in some very capable hands.

Here's a video.
At the party, TruDynasty pulled a bit of a coup, they were the sole mas band to dazzle the attendees with their beautiful costumes. Not only did they show off their costumes, but after the presentation, the models mingled with the crowd and handed out glossy brochures of their offering. Pretty slick. I told you guys, Tru Dynasty has a knack for salesmanship, expect big moves from these guys in the future.
If anyone else reading attended, what are your comments about the evening?


Anonymous said...

Any chance you got some pics!! Hope you had a blast.


Trini-in-Toronto said...

We did have a good time, but we didn't take any pics.

Pressure Boom said...

These were the pics posted on facebook :)


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