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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Costume pickup... ready for de road!

I decided to try online registration with Saldenah this year, who used Ticketgateway Inc. You have to set up an account with them, which didn't take that long. The fee is just $6. You get email confirmation immediately, and the next day I received an email from Paradise (Maracas Beach) section leader Jennelle asking for my hip size, as that wasn't an option when registering. The other section leader Nick also called me the next day. I visited the mas camp a week later and spoke with Jennelle and Nick about the costume. I was immediately told the headpiece would remain the same. Phew! They told me about changes to the bottoms (said it would be custom made, not the retail one from the launch/on display) and a slight change to the bra.
Costume pickup was a breeze, everything was there, incl. gold glitter.
The letter from Saldenah is a nice touch, letting us know what's what, to
when at judging, & informing masqueraders about Hamilton Mardigras and Barrie Caribfest.

My widest headpiece yet! Love the shells & how when you move, the feathers sway like waves.

The bra (Mayar Lingerie) was changed again, and I really like this final version full of gems.
Fortunately they didn't go with hand made bottoms, they're a very well matched comfy retail pair.

Trini-in-Toronto chose the most popular male section, Fallen Angel. Section leader Ronnie called to have masqueraders come in for a fitting, so that come pick up day, it would already be done, and hopefully you'd be in & out, no long waits. And that was the case. I know many guys wanted to have the full body paint done like at the launch. It really made the costume stand out even more. I think it would have been an excellent opportunity for someone to provide that the morning of the parade. Section leaders didn't know anyone who sprays on body paint, and suggested checking party supplies stores for makeup paint, which we did look at, but it's just very small Halloween stuff.

Trini-in-Toronto is impressed with his horns, shoulder pads & tail.
I have to go dig out a pitchfork. The shorts are Athletic Works.

Having my costume definitely gets me properly in the mood to jump up. And of course, to do a gazillion crunches in 5 days!!!How did your registration and pick up go? Let's hear all about it...


Anonymous said...

nothing but confusion for the people are playing in the portrait of india and indonesia section alot of peoples costumes werent finished properly and had a lot of alteration to do with not getting the correct orders and having to wait for them to make it right there on the spot and being told that the jewelry that is suppose to be coming with your costume wont be ready untill the day of the parade i think it should have been better organized when it came to those two sections because there was a lot of complaints and that can jeopardize people coming to play again with this band if the same section leader is creating costumes again or even wanting to play with that section leader i just hope tomorrow they fix everything on my costume that needs to be fixed and that everything that i paid for including what is being advertised is there

Anonymous said...

My pick up was pretty good. I got everything that I paid for and fast. I got lucky this year.

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