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Monday, April 04, 2011

Tribal Knights Legends

Lost Treasures

Black Pearl


Truthfully, I didn't know what to expect for Legends. Would we see costumes portraying legendary Calypsonians? I really didn't know. As it turns out, Tribal Knights designers portrayed legendary people and places. The models hit the stage at 12:45. I was glad to see they spent a decent amount of time walking the runway and posing, so we could get shots. (A pet peeve is when {inexperienced} models rush down the stage & exit too quickly - not giving us enough time to get a proper look, let alone pictures.) Speaking of proper shots, I was concerned we'd get anything with the smoke machine we were near that was pumping as each section was announced! Thankfully, the smoke cleared.

I was impressed with most designs and headpieces. My first favourite is Black Pearl, that bejeweled headpiece just glistens from across the room. I was also very drawn to Lost Treasures, it's so eye catching. It photographed orangey, but it's peach. I like the different bra/suit options & the feathers. Olympus is very attractive, especially the iridescent jewelery hanging from the bra & waistband, which is very pretty... but that's the type of embellishment that unfortunately gets snagged on tights. The shade of teal shows up blue in pictures. Spain, Cleopatra, Africa, and Northern Lights have strong beautiful headpieces. Not all colour combos worked for me, and I tend to not look twice at colours that I wouldn't wear, that wouldn't compliment me. However, I can see the appeal of One Love and Dream Catcher for darker masqueraders. Glad to see men's costumes were included in the launch. As Trini-in-Toronto reminds, men play mas too!



Northern Lights

One Love
Dream Catcher

Femme Fatal
The show wrapped up just before 2:00. I wasn't feeling any excitement about Caribana, going to a launch on April 2 seemed too early, I mean, it snowed yesterday!! But after seeing these costumes, now I am feeling it! Bring on the next one!


Tr|n|gYa| said...

Lost Treasures and Africa are the ones that really caught my eye.
I really want bands to improve on the detailed quality of their mas-making, so we'll see how that goes.

Decent start to the Caribana season.

Carnivalcocoa said...

I'm really liking these designs. My faves are Lost Treasures, Black Pearl and Africa.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see they are finally mixing different colours. Really love the blue section.

yours truly said...

Lost Treasures (gorgeous colour. tho I hope ppl realize that strapless bra option eh for everybody!) and Africa are my top picks (miss FL for Africa have real presence in them pics). Black Pearl is nice as well, though I would go with the regular panty over the boy shorts finish. and I must say it is SO refreshing to see women of varying sizes at a launch rather than variations of the "model figure". Ditto for actually modeling the tankini and whole piece options at the launch rather than making buyers guess how it will look. Certain Trini bands could take a page outta that book.

They should have chosen the white model for "One Love" for another section. The costume colour only makes her skin tone look dull & doesn't complement her features at all. Definitely agree that it may be better suited for darker persons. The costume itself is nice though.

BTW, I think you labelled Olympus as Northern Lights early up in the post. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I was at the band launch and I was very pleased with all the costumes. My fav was ONE LOVE! I felt it showed that different colours of ppl can wear the costume and that it also sent a message as to what Bob Marley would have wanted in today’s WORLD, which is "ONE LOVE". The white model did look very nice in the costume. They also used white models in the Dream Catcher and they looked really nice and not washed out or dull. Mas is not just for Darker skin people it is for every shade and race.

Karabana said...

Yes, let's get together & feel all right ♫♪One Love♪♫... but obviously mas is not just for darker skin people :-)
I know that I prefer vibrant colours & feel white or beige doesn't really suit me. Of course white masqueraders play in (solid) white costumes, & there are different opinions about that, as people have posted here. Would it be my choice? - no. But I respect when they do, & many do look quite nice, so good on them.

Faces By Pureness said...

It was a great night and as the makeup artist and body artist (www.FacesByPureness.com)of Troy Logan's models on launch night, it was a real pleasure. No pressure just creative fun. Seeing so many great costumes, artists, models, and teams made it all the better.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I was really disappointed with TK's costumes. I felt they lacked creativity and on some costumes, they didn't have much details (i.e. Olympus bra piece). I look at it this way, if I'm paying $170.00 - $300.00, I want a costume with lots of sequin and details. I do however felt that all cotumes represented their themes well.
The only ones that caught my eyes were Africa and Black Pearl.

I played with TK last year and it was alot of fun, but this year, I'm thinking of either Toronto Revellers or CN.

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