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Monday, April 18, 2011

TruDynasty Roaring 20's launch

Match Girls

All that Jazz
Josephine Baker
Show Girls

GangsterzSpeak Easy
Dubble Bubble
Coco Chanel
Personally, I was pleased a band launched in the west end. I mean, gas is 137! Once I found the Underground (finding your way around York U isn't easy!), I thought it was a good spot to have a launch, it's spacious enough, and has a nice bar. There were 3 other launches on Saturday, perhaps the reason for the smallish crowd (their launch was packed last year.) The dancers hit the stage at 11:00.
I felt Match Girls fit the theme best, and it's overall such a cute costume. The design elements used in Flappers also kept the 20's in mind. I can see All that Jazz being a hit with that soft pink & all those feathers. I'd prefer more to the pretty teal colour Coco Chanel, especially the waistband. I like the Flappers monokini, I think I would like to play in one this year. That one will be a top seller. The first thing that stood out for me when I saw the costumes back stage was the Show Girls crown: love it! I think the frontline would look better with a bikini bottom rather than boy shorts, because they were the focus instead of the waistband, which drooped too low. As for the barely there banana costume, I'm sure people wonder if a regular bra will be an option for Josephine Baker, not just the cage bra (or pasties!). The body paint on that was outstanding by the way. I myself wasn't feeling silver for Gangsterz, I figured it would be black pinstripe, or dark purple. Missing was Bonnie & Clyde, because some materials hadn't arrived. We'll put a picture up of it once it's ready. Dubble Bubble is the special guest section, not a Thea & Dario design.

Overall, they covered what masqueraders like: Pretty & pink - All that Jazz; Sexy - Flappers; Naked :-O! - Josephine Baker; Minimal - Coco Chanel; Fun & youthful and a back in the day design - Dubble Bubble; Red hot - Speak Easy. The designs are all different this time around, not the uniform look the band had in 2010. I predict another for great year TruDynasty!


elsa said...

Tru Dynasty, I was expecting more. I love the costumes last year. Love the matchbox girls, I find the bra could be decorated more. The Josephine Baker costume is ok, love the hat, what are the options? I was expecting more for the costume. So the yellow single feathers represent the yellow bananas from the famous Josephine Baker banana costume. I like the blue costume, where's the belt, is it the chain. I appreciate the fast that you had a plus size model in the line up, but you could choose a better costume for her to model in, come one, plus size ladies will appreciate a nice sexy costume they can take advantage of on the lakeshore.
Sorry Tru Dynasty, I was truly expecting some wow costume from you guys.

Anonymous said...

love the yellow/gold costume the most. very well done this yr.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

You know, it didn't really strike me at first, but the more I look at that pink costume with all the pink feathers on the bra, the more I like it. I think its going to look really attractive on the road

Anonymous said...

Nice costumes...love the pink, the gold, the silver and yellow costumes the most. Match girls is cute but missing something although I am sold on the lil skirt. Best of luck TruDynasty

Chloe Anderson said...

why dont i see anybody in banana costume?

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