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Friday, July 27, 2012

Do it up!

With the parade in just 8 days, how are you doing with your preparations? Of course by now Caribana divas not only have their costume and footwear, but makeup and accessories.  I admit, I don’t know exactly what I’m doing for my makeup. I’ve always wanted it done by a pro, maybe this will be the year…

Here are some awesome eyes that I like for inspiration.

PastelsFor the many pink costumes     Funky eye makeup  http://cultureofcute.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/halloween-makeup.jpg   http://mayanka.com/largeimage/AngelicGlitterEyesHALORhinestoneAngelCostumeMakeupXoticEyesCCL.jpg



Since peacock feathers & mas go hand in hand, what do you think about these eyes?

I do have some fun accessories, including a cute gemmed bangle, a panja gift from a friend, a belly chain from Faire de la Mode & a feather extension.

I really love this...


... and these!

Fun nail art has really taken off this year, much to my pleasure. I always have manicured nails, and this year, I have been trying water marbling. 

There are many, many nail tutorials you can watch that are quite helpful, and Pinterest is good for creative pictures. There are so many options now, like foil strips, crackle, and shellac which are big trends. Embellishing nails with rhinestones or “caviar” is a perfect accompaniment for most costumes. I also love the funky glittery nail art with one gemmed nail.

pretty rhinestones ^_^

I spotted these nail rings and think they’d be ideal for playing mas.

         white nail polish and shimmer rings!   golden nail ring

                      Candy lips Rhinestones       http://cdnimg.visualizeus.com/thumbs/c2/54/lips,bite,black,crystal,gems,nails-c254fc2f9d78ac8a9aab12893effccc2_h.jpg

What about gems on lips, has anyone tried this while playing mas? They look fantastic in pics, but unfortunately I can’t see how they’d stay on. I know some models wear glitter on their lips for launches, but it won't last on the road.  
lots of feathers hair extensionsBlueblack on red

Another cool trend, feather extensions. 

 Tinsel Extensions

Very nice, but when I read how to put on the tinsel strands, I thought are you serious, you have to do all that for one strand of hair? Maybe I’m not that patient. (or handy with hair styling)

So what do you think, for you are these extras, or necessities? What are must have’s for you this year?


Panama Soundwave said...

ooooh i love the makeup pix, hope u dont mind me adding them to my pinterest!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the green face look. It seems simple, and won't leave too many weird tan lines.
I can't do the textured nail polish. My OCD will kick in, and I'd be chewing off the polish all day long.

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