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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Official Launch 2012

Today was the official launch of the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto (Caribana).

It was quite a day, with record breaking temperatures and lots of Caribbean food, music and culture.  
Things ran smoothly with everything starting and finishing on time. I think the bandleaders and models were happy with the new arrangement of providing facilities for models to get ready in an adjacent building, they all looked lovely, so I guess the prep area was satisfactory.

The event began with speeches from sponsors, politicians and other stakeholders. Then we were treated to some Pan, Calypso and finally, the costume presentation. I know the guy who pays the piper gets to call the tune, and this is a launch, and its a chance for the organizations who put up the money to get their message across, but there was a lot of talking.

 The models came on the scene about 11:30am and they started mingling with the crowd and posing for pictures (great idea) but they didn't make it to the stage until 1:30pm. After a while, in the heat, many of them went to seek shade and air condition (can't blame them). Then with only half an hour for the model presentation, I think they could have used a bit more time. Maybe the oppressive heat made me a little cranky and I'm being too critical, what you all think?    

One of the speakers started talking about the shooting last night, and I immediately started to think, why do they want to link the two events? Caribana gets linked to every violent event involving Caribbean people within 200km of Toronto from May to September it seems. Then I listened to him and as he expressed his condolences and spoke about taking responsibility for  some issues within the community, I started to change my position a bit.

Playing our national anthem, she's very young and talented.

Our next big event is this Saturday at Downsview park, its Kiddies Carnival!!!!!!

Contrary to some misinformation I have heard, THIS IS A FREE EVENT.
And its not just a parade, there is a stage set up for performances and there is a marketplace, and Dominoes and All fours tents for the adults. Also the new sponsor Chevrolet, is setting up a test drive  demo facility in the parking lot. Its gonna be a good time.

 Mayor Rob Ford
I talked to one of the organizers and it is confirmed, the steel band association has chosen the jouvert pan lime in the CNE over participation in the parade. So its true, they will be playing pan all night in the CNE and they won't be on the road during the parade. I think this is cool, and within a few years, the jouvert event has the potential to grow into something spectacular.

See you all Saturday, hope you like the pics

 Structure performing

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