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Monday, July 29, 2013

Caribana Friday night FREE event you can take your kids to (Island soul festival)

We have been blogging in support of Caribana for the last 7 years and I know how much life can change in that time. When you started to fete, you were free, single and disengaged. Now, you might be happily toting a bundle of joy and studying how to make sure that your kids get some kind of connection to this culture that we love so much.
So, its Friday night (Caribana eve) and you think you’re not able to hit a jouvert fete and still get up play mas tomorrow. Plus, if you go and fete, you need to get someone to watch the kids. Maybe you could leave them with Grandma, but maybe she would like to go out too?
I have the perfect event for you, and it’s not going to cost hardly anything at all.
Load up the minivan and take everyone (especially grandma) to Harbourfront Centre. All you have to pay for is parking (or take the TTC). It’s called the Island Soul Festival.
At 6pm they have this art exhibit called Testimonials about Haiti (see you can be a good parent and work in something educational.)
After that you can grab some food at the world café. They have lots of options there beyond the typical jerk chicken and curry, you can sample some stuff from other cultures as well (more education).
Now the good stuff:

Kobo Town will be performing at 7:45pm. I know you might not know them, but watch the video.  They take traditional Calypso and fuse it with world beats and the result is profound.

Then at 9:30pm -11pm
You get the chance to take in a living legend and pioneer in Calypso.

Calypso Rose is an ambassador of Caribbean music, a living legend, a charismatic character, the uncontested diva of Calypso music.

Now you are getting all this entertainment for FREE. All you have to do is find yourself there.
They even have a little shopping area and a licensed patio, so you can take a break and go and shop or take a drink ... something for everyone.
So come and breeze out right by the lake.
This is really a venue and an event that makes our city special. Did I mention its FREE.

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