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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kick it up a notch

So how's your costume extras shopping going? This year I'm finding many options for not only footwear, but accessories like purses, tights and jewellery.

I've been very impressed with how sneaker designs have improved greatly for us to wear to play mas in. There are so many fun, flashy, shimmery & sequined shoes out there to choose from.
 All found at Si Vous Play Sports On Steeles, $19.99. 


Wedge sneaks are now the big thing, my personal favourite for mas this year. They are ideal to play mas in. If you don't want to go with a full boot or flat shoes, these are a perfect middle ground.
Urban Behaviour, $30
All pictured were found on Orfus Road.
 Sirens, $35
 LA Star, $40
 Ducati, $30

 Designer Depot, $20

 Rainbow in Buffalo, $30
 For those who like to wear flats, Ardene sure has a massive amount in every colour, including glittery silver and gold. 

 I think we'll be seeing these on the road, studded "Tom's" style, only $10.

I've seen so many petite purses and wild wristlets that would work wonderfully with costumes.
I really like these tiger striped ones, $8, and the studded ones below.

 How fantastic are these?

 Small flower purses, only $6 at The Go Between Store, Albion Mall.
I had to include these eye liner stickers that they also sell, too cute!

Thank God gone are the days when we just threw on our beat up pair of white sneakers that detracted from the costume. Now there's no excuse to not have fun footwear that looks like it's part of your costume, it matches so well. 
So what extras like footwear are you going with, and where did you find them?


Kryssy said...

I was all pumped this year & went & bought some wedge boots at a discount shoe store for $10, painted them & decorated them. But after trying to break them around the house in for 2 weeks, I realized that I probably wouldn't last the entire day in them. :( Even with padded insoles they're too hard on the balls of my feet. Sooooo..... I painted & decorated some white Nikes that I've had for a while. So boots for pre-parade & pictures... & tennis shoes to bruck it down -down the parade route. :)

Kara Bana said...

That's too bad! I had in mind taupe, subtle gold or champagne colour wedge sneaks, but I couldn't find a pair that didn't have something I didn't like about it. :/ So as it is now, I'm going w silver sneakers. (My costume has gold and silver in it) I saw these, but they'd be over $50, nah!


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