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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Caribana 2013 - Part 1, photos

 CONGRATULATIONS TO SALDENAH for taking Band of the Year!

  Stay tuned for Part 2, more photos and our thoughts on the parade...





KevCanada said...

Fantastic day, beautiful ladies, beautiful costumes. I had a wonderful time playin' 'mas with Saldenah. My only criticism was the number of stormers. I feel that wristband experiment was a complete failure and there seemed to be 5 times the usual number of stormers this year. I always expect some to jump the fence but the excessive numbers this year clogged the parade route and made freedom of movement at times next to impossible. I made it as far as British Columbia Ave before I couldn't take any longer and so I left.

The contradiction of this wristband policy is that security gave my sister a very hard time for not having her wristband on as she entered the paid security area, even she had her full costume on. Yet security was freely allowing stormers to pour onto the parade route without giving a care in the world.

I won't let this ruin my happy memories, though. It was still a great day and I will be back with Saldenah again next year, looking for #18 band of the year.

Sandra Nowlan said...

Costumes were amazingly gorgeous this year, yes I regret not playing. I have to say, this year was hard for me to be a reveler instead of a masquerader due to the fact that I wasn't liming behind the fences with all my friends and going past judging together. Instead I sat by the fences for a few hours until Nationz finally reached me and then I was able to unite with some friends. As for stomers, I have to admit it was the worst year yet after a certain time. At first from 11am-1pm I was like wow where is everyone? The roads where nice and clear for the actual parade, I was able to sit down in front of the fence and watch and I have to say security was doing a good job trying to keep people out (yes I even got kicked out once I ventured through the wrong side of the fence *coughs*) So I was impressed more than upset cause I know how the masqueraders feel. But come 3pm, the crowd was just too overwhelming for the security to continue pushing them out. I was mad at the lack of respect people actually had for the parade and masqueraders itself, outsiders seem to think its a big road party. I mean comon, what on earth is a couple with a baby carriage and not one but two children under 6 yrs old doing in the middle of masqueraders by the trucks wheels getting on bad. You mean to tell me you couldn't do that on the other side of the fence where its safer for your children? I sat there for an hour watching people and shaking my head in disbelief. I should have taken video and made a Youtube video of what NOT to do during the parade. You bet next year I'll be playing mas, hopefully they'll come up with a different security plan.

Simonne Samuel said...

The wristbands are baby steps in the right direction but the fact is Toronto is not equipped to handle the amount of people we attract. The stormers find their way up from the bottom of the route and I too left the parade after being overwhelmed by stormers. I actually had girls giving me dirty looks while I was protecting my costume. :O I truly love that anyone can jump up and take a chip but enough is enough. I had a good time on the road. Found my band easily and had fun on stage. After the stage there was a long stretch free of stormers before turning towards Lakeshore. That's when the stormers hit. Overall a really good day!

Kara Bana said...

It felt like more stormers this year for me as well KevCanada and Sandra. What kind of security was at the fence kicking ppl out Sandra?

I saw a few ppl bring their babies & toddlers on the Lakeshore, which is absolutely abusive, IMO. Young kids have NO place on the route, it's not safe, the music is way too loud, and it's not enjoyable for them at all. One guy actually had his hands over his kids ears. Um, how about not taking him near the music truck? D'uh!!

Simonne, I suppose in theory I too like the idea that ppl can jump into the parade, but it has certainly gone too far. They've taken over. It would be ideal if they joined in after the pan bands, at the conclusion.

The Collabo said...

Nice meeting you Karabana and Trini-in-Toronto!

Kara Bana said...

You too! :-)

Crying Wolf said...

Congrats to Saldenah winning this one!

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