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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Caribana 2013, Part 2 - The experience

I'll get right to it, my Caribana 2013 was bittersweet.
Starting with the sweet, I really liked my entire costume. When I saw it backstage at Toronto Revellers launch, I just knew. I hadn't seen an entire costume that did it for me up to that point. Loved the mix of teal and coral, the headpiece, and all 3 different options. Registering online was easy peasy, I was contacted immediately about which options I wanted. All emails and phone calls with section leader Candice were responded to quickly, and in a friendly & professional manner. The costume was as advertised at the launch and on their website, with the minor exception of some white feathers and gems on the teal feathers on the headpiece.  We were given a different necklace, but I was told we'd get one, and was not expecting the ones on the models at the launch. Included were perfectly matching feathered Ardene earrings. My comfortable bottoms & bra were also from Ardene, very well made.

The weather was perfect for the parade, not too hot or humid. I enjoyed walking around the CNE, seeing you all, taking pictures and meeting new readers. So many costumes looked sensational, and some favourites that stood out for me were TO Revs Diamonds are Forever, and The Spy Who Loved Me; TK's Butterflies and Tribal; CNz Mandarin Fish, the Flasher Wrasse headpiece, and Yellow Nudibranch; and Sally's Eternity and Utopia. (However, I didn't see all sections in all bands.) It was wonderful to see so many masqueraders play traditional mas in Revellers - Golden Eye, Octopussy, and Moonraker. Impressive mas that reminded everyone about the history of the culture in amongst the BBF.

There was plenty of icy water on an open trailer, which was easy for masqueraders to access. Volunteers also walked throughout the route handing out bottles of water. I went to get lunch after 3 while we were at the start of the Lakeshore, and thankfully there was no line up at all. It was a decent sized portion (that I couldn't finish) of tasty chicken and peas & rice.

After 3:00 on the costume pick up Thursday, Candice called to let me know the costumes wouldn't be ready until after 9:00 as materials had just arrived. I was heading over to the camp after work in Mississauga anyway. There were about 10 people ahead of me, and one came after me. I waited 3
½ hrs for my costume. It didn't make sense for me to leave and come back later, as I live in the west end. So I stuck it out and got it at 1:00 a.m. That's certainly the longest I've ever had to wait for a costume. A wristband wasn't included in with my costume, so Candice had it delivered it to me Friday evening.    
As much as I loved the style of my headpiece, it slipped off a lot. Yes, I tried securing it on with combs, but even in a slight breeze, it would fall back off my head. (It's not like I was jumping up either.) I don't know what it is with my head and headpieces!!! I just can't wear the headband style. I need the very secure "helmet" style (for lack of a better word).
I didn't have my mas mate with me this year, as Trini-in-Toronto decided not to play. Even though he was there, he was in work mode taking pictures, so he wasn't a reveller. There's a difference. There is such a short amount of time to actually jump up in your band after judging, so that was a downer.    
Bunji says it best: nobody want to dance by theyself, everybody want to dance on somebody.
So that's the bitter. Oh, but wait: stormers. You know the stormer issue is so major and was particularly bad this year, that it's just going to have to wait until Part 3 because we have a lot to say about it... 
He was one good natured cop I tell ya. 

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