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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Toronto Revellers Torch band launch

Toronto Revellers held their Torch band launch at The Armenian Community Centre. The presentation began at 11:45 and finished at almost 1:00.  Jamaal Magloire explained that as he's the ambassador for the Pan Am Games coming this summer,  the bands' theme is for the Pan Am Games. 

These fantastic dancers opened the evening, including this guy who broke free from being shrouded on the stage. 

 Carrying the torch, lighting the flame, and opening the games.


This section really stood out to me, with the very first model who presented it. 
We've not seen a body suit exactly like this for Toronto before, and that fringe is ideal for mas movement. I referred to it as the yellow costume, based on the material, but really yellow isn't the dominant colour in the costume, it's teal. That one feathered shoulder is a terrific fun design.  The tri-coloured fringe and feathers in the massive headpiece are a sensational mixture. I like the fringed monokini costume & headpiece the most.  
Excitement was easily my favourite.  



Ms Pachi here put on another great performance, particularly when she gave her encore to Party Done, so she gets my Model with the Most nod.
Speaking of the frontline encore, great idea Revellers, it was much appreciated I'm sure by all to get a second look. Also many models went through the audience afterwards, danced with guests and posed for pictures, which the crowd can appreciate. At most launches, models quickly go back stage and remove the costume, which I always think is a shame, because after all that time having their makeup done, why not show it off a bit longer?

Some other notable costumes for me were Wing of Victory frontline bodysuit, Passion frontline headpiece and Harmony frontline bodysuit.

Toronto Revellers designers went bare, they went bold, they got creative, had fun, and even kept some costumes conservative (well, as conservative as bikini mas can be.)

What do you think of Torch?


Kryssy said...

The leg pieces of Envy are sexy!!! I like the Excitement section, especially the fringe. I don't know that this section needs the drop cloths/capes behind them. I get the intended effect... But I'm on the fence about it. My favorite section was easily Pachi. Kudos to the Revellers for having models of all sizes and curves. Love it.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

The costumes look great, and I love that Revellers actually used black men and women since you know we are the majority in the Caribbean. And used models of different sizes compared to other band launches. :)

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