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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Caribana 16! Jackals in de road!

African Golden Jackals about to go before judging 


 Our Lead Jackal Miguel Holder doing his thing, keeping the Jackals in formation ready for judging...


I looked forward to playing with Fever Mas again after experiencing sweet vibes last year (until the chaos began).  The mess that was 2015 Carnival fortunately did not repeat this time. Our section was organized, the route was clear to judging, and there was no large amount of un-costumed people in it. I did tell a rather confused looking older couple who somehow found their way into our section to move off to the side as we were nearing the stage. They did not realize what was happening, they didnt fit the bill of the usual stormers. This time we knew where judging was, it was announced often, and we had proper direction and pumping up by Miguel Holder, who I like to refer to as our Lead Jackal.  

 What a beautiful sight, purple & red feathers approaching judging.


Too - many - people - taking - my - picture! 


I just loved how the purple & red were vibrant in the sun.  I lost count how many different variations there were in costumes. Something for everyone, no matter how much coverage you wanted, or you wanted a big feathered headpiece or small jeweled headband. 


What a difference a clear route makes! Coming up to the stage ”, clear of stormers and vibes continuing to build as you get ready to play your mas... 


Jackals were ready for bacchanal! Nothing but pure ridiculous, unharnessed fun on the road, what playing mas should be like.


Jackal love

I have been enjoying going through the (1500+!) pictures for this and other posts, nothing but happiness and beautiful mas. 
 I have to include my mani pic. 

This is just post number one, we did it right and got to see the other bands, so those pictures are soon to come...        


JeanneC said...

What a fantastic set of photos, capturing the fun and 'bacchanal' of the parade!!

KevCanada said...

Thank you for the pictures and the memories! It was a much better Mas this year. The path to the stage was clearly marked, the vibe was electric, and "stormer alley" was not as congested this year. I even saw a visible police presence on the road, which I think made everyone feel safer.

Turning the parade route back into the CNE along British Columbia Ave, and having the police screen out stormers definitely helped this year. I stayed much longer this year because I was having so much fun, and I was not frustrated like I was in years past. The coordinators of the parade and the band leaders can always do a better job in securing the parade for masqueraders (I did chase a away 4 stormers who were trying to get food from my section's truck) but this year was a step in the right direction.

I look forward to next year...!

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