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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Leh we make a memory

Kryssy and Karabana finally meet! Definitely a Carnival 2016 goal reached! A highlight of the day for sure.

Running into old and new carnival friends is what I look forward to every year. 


I always like to focus on the positive. When I'm asked why I continue to play mas, it's an easy answer. Because I love mas! I cover all the band launches, and I do look forward to choosing a costume to wear. It has been a big deal for the past 17 years. I can't wait to see you all, and these sweet memories last all year.  
I like knowing new bands are taking the big plunge and I like to see what costumes they've designed. Seeing the costumes on the road in the sun is what it's all about, and they never disappoint. There is so much beauty and joy in these faces, which our world sure could use, couldn't it? Playing mas is the one time of year we get to revel in sheer pleasure and put our troubles behind.  Who wouldn't want to participate in that?? 







I decided this year not to tackle the Lakeshore when the storming situation was starting to get out of hand. I know what it's like, and it's simply not for me. I don't need to hope that those 4 foot fences kept people out. I know fully well they didn't. So when we got onto the Lakeshore @1:00, it was clear for a good while. We went with our section for awhile, continued taking pictures & having fun, ate a tasty Pelau lunch, and then when I could see stormers starting to take over, we went back into the CNE and stationed ourselves a bit of a ways after judging so we could see the other bands. That was the best decision. I didn't have a lousy carnival because of that. I enjoyed myself like in good ol years past because we got off the Lakeshore. Yes, there were some non costumed people at this point in the CNE as well. But nothing like the Lakeshore. 

I spoke to a man from Detroit, asked him why he didn't wear a costume/play mas, and we had a discussion about it. He said he doesn't know how to get a costume, and I told him all about the mas bands. He thanked me for the information. He wasn't being disrespectful at all to the masqueraders, he stood to the side, and he didn't have a bad attitude. It makes me realize again that we've got to let our out of town guests know about Toronto Carnival, reach out to them well in advance through the media to explain to them how to participate. I was asked by an out of country masquerader who wants to know how she can help & spread the word about respecting mas, and this is a HUGE area where Toronto Carnival could use work on. Think of all the visitors from the US that don't know about the culture, the mas bands, and that it's supposed to be a parade. This is an important area that has been neglected for too long.  


There will be a third post, this is only a sampling of the pictures.

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