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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Big fun at the Big Top

~ Must start with a BIG UP to you Ross, thanks a lot!! :-)~
What?: Carnival Nationz band launch, Big Top. Where: the Docks
When?: Now at 12:00, you don't expect to have to wait in such a long unmoving line, but there it was. At least the Farmers Rhythm Section played to preoccupy the crowd which was getting antsy. There was the usual steupsing, people were complaining they were afraid they missed the costumes. So when a crowd finally reached the door only to be told to wait further by the one security guy letting them in, the shoving, shouting & general blast at security ensued.
We managed to get in at 1:00 and were greeted by a line of gyrls handing out swag (Money Gram pens & keychain/bottle openers). Inside was decked out with a popcorn machine, cotton candy, snow cones, and those long animal balloons, fun treats given out to get the anxious crowd into the theme. Their Greatest Show on Earth banner held big promises. MC's SKF (I think) & Earl La Pierre Jr. came out at 1:15, welcomed everyone to the Big Top and assured us big things were on the way.
Two acrobats started the show.

Which was a hot intro to the first section, Fire. Yes, Fire is the costume for 2007, seems every band has a blazing hot Fire. I think red is the #1 favourite costume colour.

The large soft plumes on the headpiece and on the fanny would be the theme for many of the costumes.

Fire Daddy

Second section was Ariel. Sharp emerald colour, and the thick ribbon detail is a different touch.

Cute ballerina tutu for those who want to feel (a wee bit) more covered. Halter top with gold rings looks sexy.
Flourishing peacock feathered back pack, very foresty.

Next up, Jester. The first thing I saw coming at us was the pointy headpiece, which to me is big trouble. Can't see those sharp plastic points being a hit to wear (or to try & get jam from), but from a design standpoint, it does look right to complete the costume.

Then instantly I see the ribbons and think hmmmmm?, channeling Pierrot Grande?

Cotton candy got big applause, lots of gyrls like their pink.

She can't help but admire Candy man's large crystal on his candy stick.

Very vibrant fuschia, tall plumes - will be a popular section.

Siberian Tiger came out with a roar, not only because they blasted Jumbie, but the costume is fierce!!!

Rhinestones, feather boa, strapless feathered bra, massive mohawkish headpiece = LOVIN it!!

Feelin Jumbie.

Lion tamers was, well, tame. Shiny sharp colour mix of gold, copper and brown. But only one model was feelin her inner lioness.

When Acrobats came out, I thought I've seen this before!... Saucy Diva, isn't this baby doll (or a revamped version of it)?

Shimmery blue ocean coins, silver hoops, & that's about it folks... very skimpy, plenty of scandal potential. Xtremely sexee!


LOVE love LoVe the makeup! I want that!!!! (I must look into where/how to get such fabUlous makeup...)
Gypsies were next. First thought was, I really like the mango colour, don't see too much of this shade, and second, I love the abundance of jingly gold coins. When you don't scrimp on such features, it makes the mas come alive more. The unique and very stylish style bra/corset will be a perfect choice for cup runneth over gyrls.

This will be such a comfortable costume, and will really sparkle on the road.

I was curiously awaiting Sexy Clown, because a clown? Sexy? Plenty of lime & pastels and pouff, not my particular colours, but I know many will look great in it. It's a fun costume, and very importantly, the models represented that, they had a blast with it, especially Mr. Crazy Clown.

talk about insane clown possee.

Clown painted on his back & clown face back pack.

When I saw these large purple plumes coming onto the stage, I got goosebumps. Purple is my passion. I have a weakness for that colour. Snake charmer is a sumptuous costume, with that high gold snake plumed headpiece...

and lush gold bra & waist band.

Makeup artists did such an amazing job on all the models, check out the snakes w rhinestone eyes.

The grande finale was Warrior Spirit, er, Wild Indian. Native is also a prerequisite costume - it will probably sell out first.
SKF introducing his section.

Designers learned from the Tribe headpiece blunder that didn't stay on securely, so this has a cowboy cap in the back - very smart.

Parade of all costumes.

I only learned afterwards that Snake Charmer is in fact Ross' section... :-) (former Sally designer/section leader we played with) What's the chance in that?!!

I really like a few costumes, can so see me wearing several in Callaloo & Sally also, so yikes, decisions, decisions...! Great shots Trini-in-Toronto, it was worth going, huh?

Carnival Nationz is going for the big win again, and from this launch, I must say watch out rivals, because their costume designs continue to be modstyle, sexy, & have special unique touches characteristic of a Band of the Year.


Hello from Julia said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog (I'm a little behind right now, it's been a busy weekend). I'll definitely check in to read yours sometime. I'm done at school, though I miss it sometimes. Onwards and upwards, I guess. Take care :) -Julia

Karabana said...

Hi Julia, I'm taking 2nd semester, done everything in July & get my practicum done in Aug. So, have you been to Caribana?

Karabana said...

LOL Buublenut re having to get a tan to wear pink or purple... maybe cause the white model was really pale? Yeah, a tan always looks better, (it's unfair I didn't get my dad's skin colour :() I'm doing some good tan-in-a-bottle, & that'll have to be that.
So ya like the tiger too :-) I can really get into that costume, & I'd want to get the tiger looking makeup...

buublenut said...

I think the tiger is hot - I really want a head piece and boa :)

Wat does the male costume in this section look like??

I'm going to go check if the website is up yet...

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