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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Louis Saldenah Band Launch 2007 Rain Forest

Louis Saldenah Band Launch 2007

Rain Forest


Hi Everyone, We were not able to hit the Saldenah band Launch last night. One of my friends Courtney went and he took these picks so you all can check out the costumes.
I have to say that they are beautiful quality pics and the costumes look really good.

I always like to see masqueraders in a really bright red costume, and you can't go wrong with a boa either.

Really nice shade of blue, and the beadwork is pretty nice.

I really liked the background pictures and props. It looks like they made a good effort for the presentation. Lots of plumes.

You have to like this head piece, Big enough to be glamorous but small enough to throw waist. I like the colors and the fringes.

Very nice, kinda reminds me of those Amerindian costumes in our history books, love the colors.

Nice contrast, the orange really pops.

Every time I see a bright green costume I think how hot it will look in the sun

Very touristy

Very well done guys. There is a reason they have done so well over the years.

Again, Thanks Courtney for the excellent shots and I hope you all are enjoying your long weekend.

The standard of costumes looks really good this year, I'm seeing something for everyone, I really can't wait.
Its no work tomorrow, so is fete tonight. If you all catch us in sin city, hail us out.



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Nice pics

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