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Friday, May 18, 2007

Louis Saldenah band launch

Louis Saldenah band launch

Well, Saldenah is one of our veteran Mas men in Toronto. He has been making Mas in Toronto for more than 25 years and has won band of the year 15 times. Considering Caribana has only been around 40 years (this year) that’s quite a feat.

Every time I have played mas (about 12 times) in Toronto, it has been with Saldenah. I was 18 when I moved back to Canada after living 10 years in Trinidad and I was pretty homesick. It was 1989 and the Caribbean scene in T.O. was nothing like it is now. Today, from the time Easter starts to the end of September, you can’t go 3 weeks without a major Caribbean artist having a show. And if you are looking of a DJ soca jam, you can pretty much find one any weekend.
I used to have to wake up really early on Monday Mornings to listed to community radio to listen to “Ras Rico I” spin soca tracks. Today we have Caribbean programming everyday on Community radio and Dr Jay has a program on a commercial radio station.

Back when I first played mas with Saldenah, I was attracted because I had friends in the band and I can’t remember if he was there the very first time I played, but for many years David Rudder would perform. Back in those days, I was a Rudder Stalker, Anytime he performer I would be there, I would go to an afternoon/evening boat cruise on Lake Ontario, take in the show, drive home, shower, change and drive back downtown to see him perform again at the Bamboo club.
But this post is supposed to be about the band launch….

Since that time, Traffic featuring Sherwayne Winchester has now become Saldenahs band of choice for the road. (Don’t know who they have this year yet, I will let you know after the launch.) Over the years I recognize a lot of the same faces year after year playing in the band, it’s a really nice atmosphere. With multiple generations of masqueraders jumping together. I was planning on pulling some more history on him for this post from his website, but they have closed it until after the launch http://www.saldenahcarnival.com/

I have some family commitments this Weekend so I won’t be hitting the launch, but I hope to get some pics and I will put them up. If push comes to shove I might have t borrow some from http://www.toronto-lime.com/ or Saucy http://www.saucytrini.blogspot.com/
Sunday night we are going to hit Soca or Die 6.
I’ll let you all know how it was after the fete.

Laters people


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buublenut said...

Have a great time at Soca or Die - jump up for me guys :)

I will get in touch with yous when I get back.

Give Gee my # 868-326-4714

My nose is stuffed from getting caught in the rain - I AM SO PISSED!!! Hopefully the heat will get it out of me quick time.

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