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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Saldenah costumes!

(I've added some pics)

Saldenah opened their mas camp today and I eagerly checked out their costumes on display. As soon as I walked in (no line ups, very casual atmosphere, as always) I could see they've had fun decorating. Good job on working the Rain Forest theme into the display, the props are a cute touch. Louis showed off the brochure to me, which will be ready on Saturday. It's looking really polished & professional and again, keeping with the theme.

Missing was "the missing costume", the blue bikini with rhinestones over top. Most, if not all costumes come with your choice of bottom.

*Added Paradisio SOLD OUT

Women of the Amazon


front line

real bra, straps can come off

Headpiece option #1
Or, Option 2.

I really like the dragon dorag. I know, not Rain Foresty, but it's the perfect colour match & looks cool. (wonder if it'll come w the costumes?) It does, & so does the pendant.

Water Lilies of the Congo

Fringe, flowy headpiece, feathered fanny, (frog ;-))... fabUlous!

*Added men's section

 Meio Do Mundo http://www.carnivalempire.com
Exotic Flora

Angel Falls

Plenty of big blue rhinestones

Wings of a Tiger

Both front & back lines have wings! Love that! The backline wings are clipped onto your bra, so you are free to spread 'em when you want, & leave 'em float behind you unencumbered.

Amazon Rose

Cute polished teal stone necklace & orange bangles (I wonder if they come w the costume?) Not on display now, the necklace on display is now beads. Real sun hat you can wear again minus the flower.

Added: men's Flora
Hey Hubby, here's your costume!! Don worry nah, I got you covered, when I registered you, I asked specifically for that ivy.

The Saldenah mas camp is not a place where I feel pressure or stress. Lines are unheard of, Louis is usually there with his big smile welcoming you, soca is always blasting, children are playing, families hang out, and you may even see an empty bottle of Royal Oak in a corner. That sums up to me what this band is all about - family, fun & mas.


buublenut said...

Good job Kara!!!

First off I have to say if the men’s costume is really only shorts and ivy I playing in that section no matter how the green look on my pale skin LOL

If I am going to say which ones I like it would be the blue/orange/black, the pink, the navy blue and the touristy one (in no particular order). The green is nice for not for me :( I also like the wings but I am not sure about black. After playing in brown in Trinidad this year I really want bright colours :) I also want to be in a traditional costume which might scratch the touristy one with the orange hat off my list. So I need to go to the mas camp and have a look. For the blue/orange/black I like the front line but I stick to the backline and save my $$$ for feteing :) Its so funny because my favorite colour is pink but I can’t see me wearing pink on the road – maybe because when I was picking costumes for Trinidad my friends eliminated all pink costumes off the bat because they thought that was all I wanted I guess. DECISIONS DECISIONS DECISIONS

Now to get to work LOL – this is the first thing I did when I came in the office :)

trini-in-toronto said...

Great Post, very impressive.

I didn't even know you were planning to go to the mas camp

buublenut said...

what do you think about the costume she signed you up for ;)

Karabana said...

Oops, yea, surprise!, I went on "assignment" (LOL!) & didn't tell my contributing partner. ;-O When I heard very late Mon pm they were opening Tues., I called, asked when all the costumes would be on display, was told 9 were up & Tues night all would be, I said ok, I'm going... but 2 were not up, no biggie, they'll be up on the w/e I'm sure.

I like the same ones you like C, except the green/orange beachy one is not 4 me, but it is cute, & I'm not sure how I'd feel about the large blue/navy waist piece on me. (I've worn them like that in past yrs., that's how they were designed, but after wearing a slim one in T'dad, I liked how it was more comfortable.) I thought all night about it, & I'd like to play colours I haven't play in yet (I always try & do that), I wanna try & play all of them in my masquerading days ;-)
I'm narrowing it down, but I'll probably flip flop...
Sheesh, I know, decisions, decisions...

buublenut said...

Well at least we are on the same page which I am not surprised considering we ended up in the same section in Trinidad when we didn't even know each other LOL

I was thnking that about the large waist piece - that it might jab into your skin - it looks stiff in material.

So I'm hearing no Machel :(

Scamp said...

Oi!! Kara - ah see yuh beat me to the camp. Well I am very interested in the brown/gold/bronze one that's not up yet. Another thing for me is which section leader is making which costume as some are very good in getting their costumes out early and other !!!!! - Wee papa - yuh getting it Caribana Friday night!!! Trust me - been there, done that. Never again - I love the pink and the lime green but the one I liked best at the band launching was the brown/gold/bronze - so hopefully they will be up on Saturday when I cruise in and I learn who making what. Will email you what I think later. Oh - btw - I agree with you - I love Saldenah for that - no pressure - no fuss not fight - great fun band with no pretensions.

Karabana said...

Oh, I know, I've received a costume on a Friday night b4, which doesn't sit very well w me, bc I needed time to make any necessary adjustments...
Ross however knew what I'd do, so he tended to expect me on Wed night, so he'd have my costume ready.

Yeah, when you walk into a mas camp, it should be all round good vibes, & Saldenah has always been that for me... you shouldn't feel anxious bc sections are "supposedly" sold out... lineups? poor cust svcs? steups, come on, what is this, Trinidad?!

Scamp said...

Karabana..... Ross isn't with Saldenah anymore....he's gone to CNz and Debbie (yellow last year) has gone to Toronto Reveillers. So it's going to be interesting beating these new section leaders into shape!! LOL.

Karabana said...

I know that, we're in touch w Ross, he got us into CN band launch for free :-) that's why we went. (see my Big Top post)

Scamp said...

Kara...me again...I'm asking in case you know ...who de hell is "Dil-E-Nadan" which is the band that is going to play on the road for Saldenah???????? I have never heard of them before!!!

That is a very important question that I'm going to ask Louis when I get in there - if you don't know.

Music is always a very important piece of the whole for me.

Hopefully - you will know more about them.

Karabana said...

Dil-E-Nadan - Hindi, their Aur Chale Chutney song w Destra is on TO lime. I don't think I've seen them yet. It's usually Traffic...
I agree, road chunes r important, remember when Rudder was on de road? How nice that was. Course it was always fun w Machel, but wouldn't be now...

Anonymous said...

Will anybody be in the "Exotica Flora" section? I'm in that section, just looking out to see if I'll meet any new and interesting people.

By the way my name is Janelle

CaribanaVirgin said...

Exotica flora is beautiful. And also now sold out!

Karabana said...

Hi there & welcome Janelle & CaribanaVirgin :-) Thanks for leaving comments all the way back here :-)
Are you playing with Exotica flora CaribanaVirgin?

CaribanaVirgin said...

Yes I'm playing with Exotica Flora. It was a hard decision! I swear it took me weeks to decide! All the costumes were very nice.

Karabana said...

It's a pretty one, I've played gold & red before, so I chose fuchsia, a colour I haven't played in yet.
This year was the most difficult year to decide, I like several costumes in a few bands...
Icahwait, 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!!!

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