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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Shoes! ShOeS! SHOES!

I may not be a FL ho, but I'm a Shoe ho, I can admit it. (;-) LOL Christina, who this post is also for, you've been mentioning shoes a lot, plus BIG thanks for contributing, & of course Ryan too!!) I've never counted my shoes, but the collection is easily way over 100. So looking for a pair of sneakers that will match perfectly with my Caribana costume has always been a pleasurable past time. The last few years much more stylish sexy sneaks have been produced, making the search easier. Local cheapie shoe shops have real cute colourful designs, the ideal mas shoe.

Since this is my obsession, I searched for the best shoe to match some costumes & picked the best of the lot. Warning, they are very matchy matchy ;-):

Bought these

Taken w my cell cam.

Ok, the colour didn't come out so good in this shot... these shoes are quite a vibrant fuchsia, just like the costume, not pink.


buublenut said...

Nice job Kara - I like, and I know you have fun doing this post :)

I can't wait till Sunday to go see Machel and then go to the mas camp. I am hoping the visit to the camp makes me fall in love with one costume so I cam make up my damn mid and stary to shoe shop :)

Janelle said...

Karibana...where did you find the 1st pair of red shoes???
I am searching for a pair with NO LUCK!

Also, anybody who's interested in the blue and yellow PUMA's. I saw them in either Athletes Worlds, Champs or footlocker in Scarborough Town Center today for 50% off. Which is a steal!

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