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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blue Devils for J'ouvert and the road

Blue Devils Mas and J'ouvert 
There is this group located in Toronto dedicated to Blue Devil Mas. They have expanded their reach beyond J'ouvert and have been popping up at different events frightening children and some adults too.

Check out their website http://www.bluedevilmas.com/
They are doing an early J'ouvert over on Toronto island, you have enough time to go over to the Island on Friday August 1st (Caribana eve), have a picnic and check out the island, go see some devils, take the ferry back across and see Calypso Rose perform for free 9:30pm, go home or to your hotel, have a shower, eat something and head to a fete.
It will be a full day but you can sleep when yuh dead :)
If you are so inclined you can even play mas with the blue devils for $75 (bargain).


buublenut said...

HAHA at a quick glance you could think that was you in the pic

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Your eyes aren't playing tricks, I took that shot, and that is Karabana.

buublenut said...

Thats so funny - I opened the pic big and yes now I know for sure it is her LOL

Karabana said...

I dunno what yer talkin bout, I have no recollection of such blue bacchanalness...

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