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Monday, July 07, 2008

Stop Sticking and Get Off the fence

I know it have plenty people here who planning to make the trek down to the lake shore for Caribana who are kinda thinking about playing mas but they only sticking.

It have REAL plenty costumes still available. From what I hear, is only Nationz who are pretty much sold out. That leaves REAL options for the masquerader who still thinking about playing mas.

Believe me, this is really the only way to truly enjoy yourself to the fullest. Unless you are walking with your young kids, I don't see any excuse for not finding yourself in a band.

Why would you want to stand up in the hot sun waiting for bands to come down the road, just so you could see people having a ball while you are looking on? YOU KNOW, they having PLENTY more fun than you.

Ladies, don't you want to get your sexy costume on, and pay yourself? And fellas, Ah know all trinis feel they is the sweetest.... but you does get a plenty friendlier reception from the costumed ladies if yuh in a costume.
True, you could go down and storm, but you know the BESSST bands have taken security to another level, and you aren't really going to be able to jump the whole route without getting harassed. True you might get in near the end, but you really want to deal with that crush of people? When all the Bacchanal start nearing the end of the route is the time costumed masqueraders looking to duck out and head back up the road to look for a pan side.

IT is not too late check out the links and go and get a costume

You can't say "If I did only know I wouldah play mas for true"

Ah done talk.

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