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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Ganges Meets the Nile - Callaloo

We unfortunately couldn't make it to Callaloo's band launch on Saturday, as we were tied up at the Revellers launch. About that, I wonder why there are no bands launching this upcoming weekend, but last weekend & on the 23rd, there are several? I'm not sure why next weekend is dead, I think most people don't go away for the Victoria Day long weekend.
Here's a look at some of their costumes for their theme The Ganges Meets the Nile, which had a lot of design potential.
The above gold costume is the one I like, especially the huge white cat headpiece. I'd like it better with a bikini bottom instead of boy shorts though. Speaking of that, where some bands have gone the skimpy route, Callaloo is the band with coverage. I like the below colour mix of purple & blue, particularly in the headpiece. As often is the case with this band, they've produced some strong headpieces and mens' costumes this year.

Callaloo is offerering their costumes for $99 again as an early bird special when you email them or if you joined their facebook group before the launch.


afro chic said...

These costumes are the best I've seen so far :) I like the headpiece of the gold one.

buublenut said...

$99 seem like a deal!! Put what place are they in the band again.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

They are number 4

Caribanavirgin said...

I wasn't impressed. When I looked at most of the costume pics something looked unfinished about them. Which surprised me because Callaloo is usually on point. I like the same one as Kara though. The $99 costumes are a great relief in the current economy.

By the way there are 2 launches this wkend.
XPats Section of Saldenah is launching on Saturday at Meadowvale community centre.
All Spice is launching "Safari" on Saturday as well.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I'm pretty sure (according to the website) All spice is launching on the 23rd of May at Embers

Caribanavirgin said...

yes you're right. I'm living ahead of time lol.

But pats section launch is tomorrow. Their costume colours are green/gold/silver

Anonymous said...

most costumes looks unfinished & no creativity.best of luck !

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