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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going on a Safari?

I wish I was going to All Spice's Safari band launch, but we're headed to Vancouver this weekend, so sadly, we'll miss it! But I'm working on having a guest contributor photographer who is able to attend the launch & take pictures for you all.

So hopefully I hear back before 11:00 p.m. tonight & there will be a post for everyone to check out on Sunday...


Jennette said...

Let's hope his/her camera don't get tief at this particular launch, some people fingers just too sticky!

Trinbajan said...

I went to all spice launch, and their costumes look waaaay better than CNZ. I playing mas with them. They only have 5 sections, but the costumes are only $135.00. Great costume for a great price.

Anonymous said...

I want to see their costumes!

I-Luv-Soca said...

CNZ...website up....
N-E-WAYZ..I went to the All Spice launch...all i can say is HOT..HOT..HOT...oh man i wish they were going down earlier I definately gonna play with them.What I like is the fact that you can choose many different options in the costumes for eg. twopice,full one,tankini,m-tankini My prediction is that he will win this year, choose a really good number next year between #1-3 for on the rd have even better costumes next year and then every one will jump ship.

Anonymous said...

Pics from launch are now up on toronto-lime...they are nice but not great...

The best one is the blue one.

Lexxx said...

Forget Crave/Saldenah. I know I said before that they made my day, but I lied.

AllSpice just made my week.

the 13th thing was bothering me, but I called n spoke to Curtis about it and he said he has been assured that EVERY band will get to go down this year. He is on some Caribana security council or something-or-other, and he said that this year they (the festival) have really upped their security measures. With the way Curtis has been so passionate about security and band stormers in the past (I have seen him cussing and quarreling with stormers in the past and last year I saw him drapse up a guy and dash him out of the band. It was great), I'm sure that he has made whatever arrangements necessary for All Spice to be as secure as possible.

I hope so. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to playing with them. They look great!

PS: the backlines are only $135 and the frontline blue is $165, the frontline orange is $180-185. I didn't believe him when he told me, but he said that he wants the band to be affordable.

As I said. Made my week.

Audrey said...

I AGREE with the aforementioned comments...
Next year will be different for this new band...The costumes are gorgeous!
Great job designers! Cheaper price, more jewels,beads,feathers,options,coverage............
Does anyone know how many people are allowed to play in each section? How many are allowed for frontline?
Also, are most people here dissappointed with CNz (nice costumes but too simple) & Revellers and thats why they chose this band? That's why I even waited this long to choose a costume.

Karabana said...

Being #13 in the parade means they'll cross the judges late in the afternoon, @5ish. If that doesn't matter to you, getting your start later, then no prob. Unless a band, any band, uses a fence, there's going to be some stormers. Their costumes are strong & yes, certainly appropriately priced.

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