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Monday, May 18, 2009

More Saldenah sections - Xpats & Crave Mas

I like the peacock feathers in the Xpats Mexico headpiece, & the full frontline backpack, but my first reaction to the makeup is I'm not feeling it.

Crave Mas sections are up on their website, and I'm really excited about Fantasy in Jewels!!
Crave mas photos
Love all those jewels, incl. the strings going across the shoulder, it creates a such a pretty necklace look. I'm thinking now that's a collar I can wear! My concern is the headband style headpiece though. I've (briefly) worn that style before, & while very attractive, it just didn't stay on my head! No matter how many hair pins or extra velcro my friend Buublenut & I used on ours, it just didn't stay on. We need headpieces that will withstand jumping up, not to mention the wind, so I'm really hoping that this design can be changed.

The furry bra on Pacific Paradise is cute and the frontline peacock feathers on the headpiece look nice.
They have a lot of pricing options: Basic Female Costume is $150, to add a large headpiece is $70, to add a feather collar is $70, to add a large headpiece & feather collar is $120, to add feathers on the back of belt is $10, & Male Costume is $140.
I'm really feeling Saldenah costumes, yay!


Caribanavirgin said...

Saldenah is on the ball this year. the 4 sections I have seen thus far are all really great. And Dr.Jay being apart of Saldenah...that mean masqueraders can expect some great soca. Its looks its a really good year to play with Saldenah again. I think Im definitely going back.

Trinbajan said...

Sorry to say, but the green section is already sold out. Frontline and backline. You can check out their website for verification www.xpats.ca.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Caribanavirgin.

I think that Saldenah is gonna take band of the year this year.

Karabana said...

Another sold out section, wow, this seems to be the new upsetting trend (for some) for Caribana2kWine.
It's gonna be Sally's year again, huh? Well, I suspect your predictions may be right!

TriniRose said...

I could see that happening too, plus Saldenah have a good theme this year, a very good theme in fact. Plus yet still to reveal the rest of the sections on the 30th.

Caribanavirgin said...

Well...I don't know about "Band of the Year" not because of the costumes...BUT because Toronto Revellers usually has theatrics to emphasize the theme...last yr they had the drummers and dancers when they crossed the stage. And I'm pretty sure this yr Jamaal is going to do something similar by having samba dancers etc when crossing the stage.

If Saldenah adds some theatric creativity like that. Then I think they definitely got it.

As for Xpats section being sold out I am not surprised. Xpats allows pre-registration. The difference between xpats and others is that the pre-registration is open to the general public - they basically announce their theme and colour scheme and allow you to sign up and put down a deposit. This option was available to the general public via their website. However frontlines usually sell out in advance to the loyal masqueraders who come back every year.

Lexxx said...

woyyyyyy Saldenah or Dr. Jay or whoever just made my day with Fantasy in Jewels. Kara, I CONCURRRR.


But I still want to see what Allspice has to say this weekend though.

Karabana said...

I know Lexxx, too exciting, right?!?!
Sally does have a great theme & the previews are promising, so I think they stand a strong chance. Pre-registering b4 a launch (or at a launch) just doesn't sit well w many ppl, when they see the costume afterwards, they think how cruel!, & what's the point?! bc they can't get in.

Lexxx said...

Yep. I am noticing, however, that despite what the public opinion may be on the issue, more and more bands are jumping on the "registration whenever" practice, especially this year. It may just turn into a regular thing in the future, and I'm sure that people will buy into it because no one wants to be left with an ugly costume, or no costume at all.

It will definitely be something to watch in the coming Caribanas...

But your blog is doing a great job in keeping us masqueraders up to date with the latest info, whether or not pre-pre-registration is going on. Loves it! :D

Karabana said...

Thanks a lot! I do it for other mas fanatics like me, & knowing ppl come here to see pics & for info. makes me realize more Caribana publicity is needed! I appreciate all comments!

buublenut said...

I thought the same thing about the green make up - this is mas not halloween lol but i give them credit for trying something differnt - the costume is still nice though. Sally seems to be it this year, thye have a great spot it the band, nice costumes so far and Dr. Jay (he the shit in toronto yes) locks it down.

Can't wait to see more as it gets closer!!

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