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Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Annual Brampton Carnival

Ok everybody, I just got a link on Facebook and there is going to be a carnival in Brampton. It looks like its gonna fill that gap between Caribana and Barrie Caribfest. Its happening August 7th (the Saturday after Caribana), I don't have too many details yet but they have a website

These are the events they have listed.

Once I find out a little more, I'll let you know


The Cultural Academy for Excellence (CAFÉ)
(the creators of Positive Vibrations Youth Steel Orchestra (PVYSO).
hails from Washington for
 "Pan in de Square"
at Garden Square, the front of Brampton's Magnificent Rose Theatre
(North East Corner of Main St. and Queen St.)
on Friday 30th April, 2010
5pm to 7pm.
This is a free family event
Please come out and support this wonderful group and their sweet steelpan sounds
For details on the group visit their website www.cafeyouth.org
Sponsored in part by the City of Brampton.

No Behavior Fridays:
Town Talk
1701 Queen St.
Bramalea Rd. & Queen St
19+ID required
Featuring CHRY Calypso Spectacular's DJ Ronnie Fresh
Launching: April 30th 2010

Friday May 14th 2010
Friday June 11th 2010
Friday July 9th 2010

West Fete Carnival Details:

Parade Route
Westbound CountrySide Rd.from Dixie to Heartlake Rd. Southbound on Heart Lake Rd into Conservation Area 10818 Heart Lake Rd. Brampton
Park Admission
Children: 2yrs-5yrs $2.50
Seniors: 60+ $5.00
Adults: 16+ $6.00
West Fete Carnival Friday Nite Fete
August 6th 2010
Saturday 7th August, 2010
West Fete parade 10am to 12noon
Celebration at Heartlake Conservation - Ends @ 7pm.
Las Lap
August 20th 2010


Anonymous said...

Any word on whether Hamilton Carnival is back on this year?

Trini-in-Toronto said...

That is the same thing I thought when I realised Brampton was going to happen on the same weekend that Hamilton used to happen. I haven't heard anything about Hamilton coming back. I saw one post from Ronny Saldenah, but it was just something he had heard, and he said it might be coming back, but nothing for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this post is unrelated to hamilton, but I wanted to ask a question. I find a lot of attention is devoted to the "Big Bands" of caribana. However, a couple smaller bands have have held pre-launches where pics of their costumes are viewable. So I was just curious as to why it's not really being reported or blogged about?

Karabana said...

New band Genesis announced their launching for this May 1st, & they're on our list, like all other bands, whether class A or B. A lot of attention is devoted to the bands that are out there, making themselves visible, that want the publicity... big or small, no matter, take a look through the archives. I post about what I'm aware of, & yes, I do know when the bands put pics online & launch. If a band wants some coverage, they know how to get it, otherwise they have a low quiet profile, & that's their choice.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I echo Karabana's comment, If any band wants to use our venue to help get their message out, its very much open to them. If we miss a band, its because we didn't find the info on- line, or we saw the info on another blog and we didn't have anything new to offer. Anybody who would like to send us an e-mail with their info, we'll gladly post it. If you invite us to your launch, we will make every effort to come and take some pics.

Anonymous said...

I made a comment in response to Karabana's post, but I do not see it posted? Why is that? It was positive/constructive critism?

Karabana said...

Blogger has a glitch, 4 comments from April 13 are suddenly back up to be reviewed, but they were already published. & they won't go away. And there is no comment from you Anonymous 12:07.
?? Something wonky is going on...

Anonymous said...

So what day exactly is the parade?

I really hope Hamilton is still having one this year, the World Schedule said that it's supposed to be August 6-8th.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

The Caribana parade is on Saturday July 31st. Brampton is on August 7th, and Barrie is on August 14th, 2010. We also wishing for Hamilton but it not looking good

Anonymous said...

I really hope it was a glitch in the system rather than censoring my comment because it disagreed and asked for further clarification of Karabana's comment. My comment was posted prior to Trini-in-Toronto's comment, yet in reading his comment it addresses a lot of the comments/critiques I had made (but to the blogs defence). I just find it interesting that his posted and mine did not. But as you said, it may be a glitch with blogger, but I do hope freedom of speech and constructive critisim is permissible rather than deterred.


Karabana said...

As I've said Observer, there is no comment from you. So, no you've not been censored. T-i-T's comment was regarding your 10:46 PM comment. BTW, there are not a couple of smaller bands who have pre launched & released pics.

Karabana said...

This post was done April 24, & April 25 is AFTER then, as is May 1. As I've already said, we're aware of the band launches, & we post what we're able to. I certainly have never claimed, nor will I ever claim to post everything. Let me put it this way: this is not a daily blog, it never will be, I do have another life.
Readers have always made suggestions, & it's the manner in which they suggest something that determines whether I will take it.

Ultimately, this is my blog, & I'll post what I want to.


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