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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hollywood - Tribal Knights 2010

Rodeo Dreams

Here are Tribal Knights Hollywood Glitz and Glamour costumes from their launch & at Fire Fete. All Island mix photos.


Arabian Nights





Champagne on Ice

Moulin Rouge

So what do you think of the glitz & glamour? My faves are the colours in Rodeo Dreams, Champagne on Ice's jeweled chain, Glamour's bra & corset, and the Moulin Rouge headpiece.


Reveller said...

The costumes are pretty...they could have been a bit more creative with the section names. The female belts on most costumes are almost non existent! But overall IMO not bad at all :)

Partyanimal said...

Rodeo dreams, Moulin rouge, Indulgence, and Champagne on ice look nice. Arabian nights and Glitz frontline looks... scary!! My mom said " the waist piece is so small they should have just decorated the pantie." .... Carnival Nationz are next.

Joe_g said...

Their costumes look nice, most of them. I do agree with Partyanimal on the Arabian nights, it just looks messy.But overall costumes look nice.Fire fete was 2 weeks ago, and they only launched their Moulin rouge section there. Saturday was Tribal knights actual bandlaunch.
Cant wait for, Carnival nationz, saldenah and Tru Dynasty

Tiff said...

I think Champagne on Ice looks like Tribe's 'Threads of Moroccco'...These costumes are ok...Would need to see them in person to know for sure...Some of the colours look nice....I don't know how the costumes fit in with the theme.

Anonymous said...

The costumes are okay. They aren't overwhelming or make me get excited to want to play mas with them. They look like every other BBF (bikini, beads & feathers) costume that's been produced.
The colour of Arabian Nights is nice, but it looks like someone got sick and puked up a bunch of feathers. The bustier in Glamour is the only thing that stands out.
The bead work on the bra for Paparazzi is a rip-off from Spice's Greece section from T&T Carnival this year.
Looking forward to CNZ and Toronto Revellers. Let's hope they come better than this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, what do you suggest mas makers use when making a costume since bikini, beads & feathers are out! gosh every year you guys have your agenda but notting constructive too add- the venom is not called for! its so sad and small grow up nah!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was impressed by how nice they are, but I do see similarities to other costumes as well. Especially from Fantazia International band. The lop-sided head pieces remind me of their Caipirinha, and the showtime, reminds me of their one of a kinds and the paparazzi reminds me a bit of their midnight in Rio. But who knows, Fantazia probably got those ideas from some other band last year to.

My favorite is glamor for sure, I love purple.

Carnival Divaz said...

I am shocked, I actually wanted to play with this band. but nothing have caught my attention. As a Thick (not fat) person, those waistbands are not acceptable.

lalalalalal said...

Carnival divaz I agree with you-the waist pieces are ridiculous..might as well walk out with a C-string on like we're in Brazil and glue some jewels on my behind!
the bustier for glamour is GORGEOUS though..and that's about it..

Tribalk Girl said...

Carnival Divaz i called in and spoke too Gail at Tribalknights and was told that the belts can be made wider those belts were made for the models the belts are not premade so if requested adjustments can be made and the belts also come in sizes xs sm med lg and so on -so gave them a call

suzanne said...

checked Fantanzia costumes from last year and notting from Tibalknights 2010 looks similar!! could this be sour grapes because they wanted too play the same theme and were beaten too it!! come on guys Tribalknights is AN A band and Fantanzia b if ideas had to be copied i think other bands had way better costumes to copy from- just sayin it only common sense

Carnivalcocoa said...

Help me out here, but didn't Tribal Knights do these costumes last year for a "Birds" theme? These here look just like last year's stuff save for a couple exceptions of course.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7:33p.m. – if the website would let me, I would sign in as myself and not hide behind an Anonymous tag. But for some reason I can’t use my gmail email address. With that said, there’s nothing wrong with people having differing opinions. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them small, so how about you do the growing up? Too many band leaders take a theme and fit it around their costumes instead of making costumes to fit the theme. Island People definitely stepped outside of the norm this year for TT Carnival with their theme AND their costumes. Hardly a feather in sight because it didn’t match the theme. And the costumes were gorgeous. It proved that you didn’t have to have a bucket-full of feathers coming out everywhere or sparkles to blind you to make a costume look good and still stick with the theme of the band. In my opinion, Tribal Knight’s costumes are not good. So much more could have been done with them. How about taking classic Hollywood movies and creating a costume for each one? They could have killed it if they had done costumes depicting Cabaret, Ben-Hur, African Queen, The Big Sleep, anything with Marilyn Monroe in it…and the list is endless. Now that’s creativity! Instead they’re all over the place…Champagne on Ice, Paparazzi, Indulgence…and none of the costumes actually look like what they’re supposed to portray. I might not be a band leader, but I am a consumer, and I can tell you that they won’t get my money based on what they’re showing me here.

Stella Anna Ballisingh said...

This is supposed to be about the costumes but u(anonymous)mas player seem to have an agenda and i signed in using my name so on your TANTRUM and ur long RANT i say good for you-i too am a consumer i love the costumes if u wanted ben-hur etc. you would have loved harts 2-3 yrs. Its myself and friends in Tribalknights Glamour this yearé i hve no favorites as i played with Saldenah last year and Trinirevellers the year before but i like the theme for Tribalknights this year!!! plus i want too palance with JW blaze i missed them in Trini so over and out!!!!!!!!!!

Betty ann said...

Honestly Karabana when people like Carnivalcocoa write such falsehoods do u really have too post it whats the purpose when its so untrue, just got off Tribalknights site and the colors and costumes are totally different i mean come on nah

Carnivalcocoa said...

Hi Betty ann, I'm sorry but YOU are the one with the "falsehoods". For starters, I clicked on Tribal Knights' site BEFORE I made my first comment and again tonight just to be sure. There are no costumes on display, as in zero, none, zilch, nada. So I don't know what costume pics you saw. All they have is the CURRENT 2010 theme name and a link to a JW & Blaze link.

Secondly, I remember the post- mortem of their costumes on Saucy's blog esp. the diss they got from some commenters on that Tribe-like Brazillian Macaw knockoff.

Thirdly, I played mas in Toronto last year in a band behind Tribal Knights and I even watched the band. So yes I have a memory and yes I have pics from my camera.
If I gave the wrong band name or something wrong just say so. I'll respect that and I'll gladly stand corrected. Don't say people stuff is inaccurate by countering with an inaccuracy of your own. I totally respect corrections when I'm given truths and facts.

BTW my point in the first comment was basically this: shame that the designs are blatanly repeated from 2009. I had deja vu watching those costumes. That's all. It's MY view and Karabana will do what she wants with HER OWN BLOG.

Karabana said...

Waist bands for Caribana mas have been shrinking the last few yrs. with many bands... but I wouldn't go as far as to compare these to a C-string. :-O
Tribalk Girl, good to know the band (Gail) is saying they'll work with the wishes of the masquerader, make larger sizes. That's proper (promised) customer service!
No Carnivalcocoa, these costumes don't look like Birds of a Feather... not sure how you think so actually. ?

You know, it's obvious that comparisons will ALWAYS BE MADE year after year, theme after theme, costume after costume... even feather after feather. Yes, similarities are bound to happen when designers get their supplies from the same sources.
(Last year a designer had beading on a costume that was also the same beading in another band's costume the year before. The designer told me where he found the beading, & said he hadn't seen the other costume from the year before. And those same beads were used on a costume I played in several years ago. So you can't really lay claim to beads. Like imagine, "hey, I used peacock feathers in my costume last year!" Um, how ridiculous would that be? lol)

Bountiful feathers are still relatively new to Caribana mas, so they're not quite overdone here as they may be in T'Dad.

Well Gmail Anon, you know what possibilities I thought this theme had, I felt depictions of classic Hollywood flicks/musicals were in order as well. But that's what comments are for, for masqueraders to give their opinions, & some designers & band leaders care to read them, they are interested in hearing what their customers want in mas.

Anonymous said...

@ Karabana - Thank you for being the voice of reason. Some people tend not to understand what the point of a blog is about. Sharing differing as well as like opinions. @ Stella AB - Just because I don't like Tribal Knights' costumes doesn't mean I have an agenda or that I'm having a tantrum or rant. It means that I just don't like the costumes! But I understand that it takes people of all levels of intelligence to make the world go round. So it's all good. I hope you get to Palance across the stage in your Glamour costume my dear. Enjoy.

Gmail Anon

Karabana said...

I did go & look at TK's '09 (Birds of Paradise ;-)) costumes, & thought ok, lots of feathers (birds, of course ;-)) & yup, they've used plenty so far in the frontline headpieces & backpacks for Hollywood. But the costumes themselves don't look like repeats IMO.

Anyway readers, as this is the start of the band launches, just a l'il reminder that there will be plenty of opinions shared here. You may feel adamantly opposed to a costume, & others are lovin it. Happens all the time. As long as we keep it civil & constructive, & don't get all tied up as Hubby says, we're good.

Betty Ann said...

This is my last comment on people and there foolishness Anon go to Tribalknights Gallery thats where the 2009 costumes are Karabana found it so seek and u to will find no half way wok everyone is intitled to there likes and dislikes- this not personal too me/but for this year Tribalknights all the way and i will enjoy!
Karabana maybe a side by side is in order? just sayin! i wish all the bands good luck - later peep enjoy Caribana 2010

Carmen O said...

my 2 cents i checked out Tribalknights site GALLERY and the costumes from this year look nottin like last not one color looks the same but thats my take i hope they won't chop me off at the knees LOL i like the costumes i think champagne on ice is my section but i still want too check out CNZ

Carnivalcocoa said...

Ok Kara. Thank you for respectfully disagreeing with me without the jabs. That's why I support your blog. I saw similarities in Paparazzi and a section from '09 that used brown pheasant feathers in the same arrangement. Also the overuse of collars in 09 is here again. Just watching the pics I had deja vu. There's not much Hollywood for me here. Looks very "birdie". Simple. And yes you're right, that's the danger with feathers mas, they all start to look alike. I even started off with saying "Help me out here, but...". It was a simple 3-line comment. If some folks like the costumes , then that's all to it. To each his/her own I always say.

I done. And yes, Bless.

lalalalalal said...

@ Karabana: the C-string remark was an exaggeration and I laughed as I typed that comment lol, I would never really think we'd see cstrings at Caribana BUT all in all the waist bands have been shrinking as previously mentioned..
Tribal Knights really could have set a higher standard though..the theme had such tremendous potential *sigh*
anyways I look forward to the rest of the launchings!

Anonymous said...

So, what position is Tribal Knights going to be in this year? Rumor has it they are in 12th?

Anonymous said...

I played mas with Tribal Knights 2 years in a row. Year 1 was when they first came out and I played with them the following year. Last year I did not play mas with them as the treatment that we recevied was terrible.

I played with Carnival Nationz last year and they treated us so much better. My kids also played with Nationz and they were so happy.

I do not care how nice the costumes are I will never ever support Tribal Knights again because on Caribana day when your section leader is no where to be seen and you spent the night before altering your costumes because everything was falling off, you wonder really, what you spent your hard earned dollars on.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I think as long as you are a class "A" band, you get a spot in the top 8

Tarz said...

Well I was wondering if this would be the year I abandon my beloved CNz family to venture out to see what else the mas world has to offer in Toronto. But it wont be with Tribal Nights. I very much wanted to see that OMG THATS IT reaction to one of their costumes so I could jump up with JW & Blaze on the road. But the costumes just arent wowing me. Besides I am sure I can pay some ridiculous sum of money for a fete and see them perform palance - I saw them at return fete and it was insane!!! So that said Kara, see you at the Nationz launch this Saturday with our cameras ready! Maybe you'll be jumping up with me again this year :)

PS If I had to choose a TK section to play in it would be Moulin Rouge simply because I havent yet played in a red yet :) But Im not a fan of the top hat --- hats dont suit me well :( and gloves are just too hot and cumbersome for the road IMO. Like what do you do in the port-a-pottie or wee-wee truck with gloves on :S LOL

Anonymous said...

@Anony 12:30 - I played with Tribal 2 years ago and had a horrible experience with my band
leader too (probably the same person lol). The section leader was very unprofessional, but, they did accommodate me into a new section and I had a great time jumping up with them.

I hate to admit it, but although I was at the camp until Midnight before the parade, the way my outfit looked and the experience I had out weighed the bad.

I think that everybody could share a horror storie about each camp because none of them are perfect. I decided not to hold that experience against TK and I continue to support them. I understand your fustrations, but never say never. lol

I have seen all the mass camps costumes and I think TK is definately Top 4!

Have fun at Carnival 2010 everyone!

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