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Monday, April 19, 2010

Guess who's coming for Caribana...

Well this is certainly fun news, MACHEL is coming back to Toronto for Caribana!!
Even Trinidad Carnival missed him this year, and he hasn't been here in a few, so his fans will certainly be pleased.
The best Machel show we've experienced was his free one in '07 at Harbourfront. Up front, under the clear blue sky, it was certainly memorable. Did I mention free?What was your favourite Machel performance?

Let's see if this one at Wild Water Kingdom (another venue I like) can top that.
Thanks Buublenut for the pics!


Lisa said...

Karibana, I almost passed out when I saw your post. OMG!! I've missed Machel for the past couple of years. I feel "lost" without him! LOL!
Please keep us informed as to when tickets go on sale, where and how much. I must see him this year!!
And I agree with you. One of the best Machel shows outside of TT that I ever went to was the free one at Harbourfront. It was an excellent show!

Karabana said...

hee hee. For sure, I'll let you know when I know more dets.
I'll never forget doin the Jumbie dance on the bench... we scared the ppl behind us who obviously weren't familiar w the song, bc they'd put their hands out onto our backs when we leaned back.
Good times...

buublenut said...

I agree Harbourfront was my fave too!!!

I hoping hte baby come mid of July so I can get a sitter for that night!!!

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