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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I don't know about you, but I saw many good accessory finds this Caribana season.
I always check out dollar & bargain stores, and this summer, Everything for a Dollar Store came strong with so many rhinestone options! It's like they heard the cry of masqueraders!

They've got rhinestones of all kinds: self adhesive rhinestones, stick on rhinestones, rhinestone border stickers. Most stores have many colours, sizes, & shapes. I like the new pearl sticky ones. Yup, all $1.

Can't get enough feathers? Something else I saw was these feathered earrings. In blue, yellow, orange, green, & purple, they look like they came with many costumes. You can always add a string of beads or rhinestones to take them from simple to a perfect costume match.

How great is this - $2 feathered boas! For those who want to decorate their boots, or supplement their costume.

This adorable pouch caught my eye for Fallen Angel. It's big enough to fit most cameras with room to spare.

fanny pack - American Apparel
for Jean & Dinah

Speaking of Caribana bags/pouches, I'm still searching for the perfect pouch. In the past, I've used camera or water bottle bags (not so stylish), I had an over the shoulder small purse style but the string was uncomfortable, and a small clutch that hooked onto my waistband. I want to be hands free, but sometimes I don't like having to fuss with a strap. I also don't like the worry of wearing a clutch & wondering that it's securely fastened. Pouches look super cute, but they're not practical for me, as it has to be attached to me in some way, I can't be holding it. If I could find one that I could attach a strap to, I think that would work best. As yet, I'm not sure what I'll do this time. We're on vacation right now (at the Edmonton airport actually waiting for our connecting flight) so I've been looking, & have some ideas. Maybe I should make my own!

Next, tights & makeup...


Lisa said...

Karabana, I bought those feather earrings in purple to go with my Jean & Dinah costume in Nationz! As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them. And for $1? How could I go wrong?

In regards to a pouch/purse, I’ve usually carried a waist pouch and hooked my water bottle onto it. But the pouch has always gotten in the way of my costume belt. And wearing it cross-body is a pain. Last year however, Nationz gave us all drawstring nylon backpacks that matched our costumes, and it was the best! My hands were free and everything was secure. I even had a change of clothes in there (a t-shirt and shorts to throw on over my costume after the parade) for the walk back to my car, and it wasn’t heavy at all. I’m hoping that this year we get backpacks again. But if we don’t, I already know that I’m going to be making my own!!

Anonymous said...

Which dollar store did you go to?

Tara said...

which dollar stores are you guys seeing these supplies?

THe locations in my neck of the woods do not have that selection.

Please let me know so I can go raid their shelves soon. I want Blue feather earrings save me making them by hand which will cost more than a dollar and my time!\

For a pouch i always get a small fanny pack at American Apparel $19. They have lots of colours and they are SMALL i usually dont wear it on my waiste so it doesnt interfere with my belt. I make the band the smallest adjustment and then wear it around my should so its pretty discreet and light. Big enough for the essentials. I will send a pic when I am home thursday (im on conference right now away from home for a few nights and loving it!).

@ lisa I will ask if we are getting the bags again it was a fabulous idea they should keep up.

PS my white boots are on their way and I have the dye to make them blue.

the prep work is almost done once all my goodies arrive in the mail.

makeup ... well my only problem will be which one of many looks I have in mind. and it will depend on how the headpiece frames my face so wont be able to plan too far in advance on placement but the colours will be silver and various shades of blue :) lots of gems and incredible lashes galore


Karabana said...

Good stuff Lisa! I just knew others would also see how great they'd work.
Everything for a Dollar Store at Albion/Islington near our n'hood had all this stuff Tara. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dollarama Plus has a great selection as well.

Trina said...

The Dollarama at Scarborough Town Centre (and probably other locations as well) has all this stuff in stock for people in the east. I just bought some of those rhinestones and feathered boas the other day. : )

Tara said...

thanks ladies I googled and found several locations I can get to uptown and downtown

Lisa said...

@ Tara - the Dollaramas in the east have most of what's pictured above. I live in Markham so I go to the Dollarama on Highway 7 between Markham Rd and McCowan.

Tara said...

ya the college park location SUCKED! only red and white boas (canada day perhaps... lol) and orange and green earrings. the gems i have a million of and go to craft stores for those. LOL gonna check other locations... hwy 7 too far tho im in central/uptown TO.

tara said...

got my boa... but none of the locations I have been to have the blue earrings :( only green and orange. Oh well i may have to make them by hand afterall.

mass#1fan said...

I am looking for a lime green boa (same colour as those feather earings), anyone know where I can get that colour.

Karabana said...

Hi mass#1fan, I got my boa yrs. ago at a big textile store on King St., so you can always search for one that way. Also here are some online:


Karabana said...

Was just in Meijer in Michigan & checked out their rhinestones, the exact same we have, but $1.99. They also carry Sworski crystal ones for $8.00. So we're doing much better here for a change. But I did get a pack at Target for .50 cents!

Anonymous said...

a few years ago when i first started playing mas i had the same problem. I went to those luggage stores and bought a passport pouch. its much smaller than a fanny pack and actually fits underneath my costume belt perfectly, even with my phone in it.

this isn't the exact version that i have (i can't find pics of mine...probably because i got it a few years ago) but it is something like this.

Hope this helps some of you...

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