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Monday, June 21, 2010

Push bumpers

So what are you doing to get in shape for Caribana? The last few years I've seen more exercise classes advertising to help get your bumper ready for de big day.
Check out Camille Ross' Guyana Beat Caribana Boot Camp video. Looks like they've got you doing all the required squats & leg exercises. Being outside is fantastic - but do you hear or get to play your own soca music?
Caribana BootE Camp is the latest with a certified personal trainer offering to help get you that perfect Caribana body. Since there is a west end location, I may check it out.
I've always wanted to take a Socasize class, but unfortunately they don't have a west end or North York location yet. From the video clip, their classes look like fun, very similar to an aerobics class.
I love the idea of exercising to soca, & actually while I'm doing my exercise program of choice, P90X, I mute the music & play D.J. Private Ryan mixes.
There was a Karibana Boot Camp in 2008, did anyone do that?
What about diets, is doing a cleanse, cabbage soup or something as extreme? I'm not into dieting, I've never been able to deny myself the good things in life for long - namely chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I'm not doing anything extreme, I'll be doing a lot of traveling just before the parade so I'll probably be all skinny and tired already lol. Oh and I'll be working a lot, I walk home most of the time, so hopefully it works itself out lol. I don't diet either...

Lisa said...

Karabana, I did the Socasize Boot camp last year and it was fun! Lots of laughs and TONS of sweat! It’s fun but it’s hard, especially because it’s a 2 hour work out. Believe me, you’ll feel it the next day. This year I opted not to do the Socasize class. Instead, I’ve been speed walking for an hour around my neighborhood when I get home from work, jamming to soca on my ipod. I’ve also cut back on my eating and have been doing a version of the Slimfast diet with a shake for breakfast and a meal bar for lunch. In fact, it’s become so easy for me that I think I’ll make it a regular part of my eating habits once Caribana is over. I haven’t lost a lot of weight (give or take 8 pounds), but I have lost a few inches and my stamina is up. I don’t believe in depriving yourself totally from foods that you love, because that’s when you tend to binge eat. Everything in moderation...now if only I could stick to that motto when it comes to ice cream :-)

de cocoa panyol said...

Karabana, Socacize has classes at Tru Dynasty's Mas Camp which is near Yorkdale Mall. If you get a chance you should check it out....I've been doing Socacize for about 3 years now and its the most fun I've ever had exercising!!!

TriniRose said...

Karabana, you can also get it Socasize on DVD, I got it last year. It soo great to do, you really work up a sweat. I love it and still contiune to do it this summer, just like you I can't reached the classes, it too far. I also cut back on certain foods and eat before 7pm. Alot of walking and take stairs.

I also can't turn down my favorite foods, that impossible for me.

One trick for me, if I'm not being late for work, I would park my car 10minutes away, and walk the 10 mintues, it great!

Karabana said...

Ah yes, a mas camp is now near Yorkdale, that's great, I'll have to check it out... or the DVD... I think it's something I'd like to experience in person, I already work out at home to DVDs.
Nothing's been in moderation this past (bday) weekend & it's the opposite for me Anon, I gain :( when on vaca, which will be soon. :)

Karabana said...

Well, I tried to take the Socasize class on Tues. night at the Genesis mas camp, but noone was signed up. :( Then I wanted to take today's (Sunday) class at Tru Dynasty's, but it's been cancelled. Very disappointing.

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